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    Reporting Structure

    Just place for improvement... Again, just place for improvement. By the way, I posted another post and it's not there for some reason. I think it was sent from my iPhone instead. -- Saturday, April 23, 2022, 17:33 New York time ... There is also the aspect that, when reported that way, all rewards earned are confiscated, or, not attributed, which means that any flag or other costs you had are wasted. Add that to the Service cost, and, if you're not in a clan, costs even more. The removed data was humor related to users making those reports possibly intentionally misinterpreting facts and what they meant by reporting someone AFK, in the sense that they instead wanted the ones they reported to actually be AFK, not because they actually are AFK.
  2. euno2

    Reporting Structure

    ok In any case, it's not what happened, and, it was only a repercussion, or, consequence, for, someone else making an actual false "negative" report of someone else, whether on his side or not, about him being AFK, when in fact he never was AFK for even 0.1 second, which is only feasible by computer, since humans can only respond in 0.3 seconds from rest. In other words, the "negative" report of someone else, is no more no less than actual real and false propaganda, which was fair game in Germany, due to interference against their rights and sought forfeiture of their rights. Nonetheless, this was later discovered by an American lawyer and others who later prosecuted them and had some executed, which verdicts hold for the last 75+ years. Additionally, the text editor from this forum is rather unreliable and I would suggest to redact your data and info in another system and double and triple check the integrity of that data since it seems to be getting tampered with if not against. ok
  3. euno2

    Reporting Structure

    You're welcomed. Thank you! I tend to design documentation for this, and I understand the amount of work created into this system, as well as the potential upgrading system planned for it. I'm not so much concerned with privacy when such entity is used to diver from other facts which are problematic, therefore, being used to be creating the problems, covertly. In fact, exposing the problem is not necessary to keep it private and so on. I understand other privacy issues exist, but, it still is not to be used for negative goals and objectives, nor critical checkpoint. I understand that, but, that would have to go in the player suggestion, as a system to implement with the required and proper security procedure, goals and objectives to do so, fairly and equitably... It would certainly be easier and more efficient to design that new system development and suggestions details to be more accurate to avoid having to fix errors created from it. I have screenshots, communications, videos, analysis, and more. I also reviewed that ingame reporting structure, and thought about the TOS/EULA and so on, but didn't verify. I'm in fact busy applying for law school and moving overseas and completing an engagement for marriage and other things. I do however design patents and systems in relation to documentation and reporting systems since I also apply to use it for research in university research in law enforcement. I also don't do fraud nor tamper with evidence and seek to justify it as modus operandi. -- Edit 15:33: In fact, I'm busy linking videos I published about inventory programs I use for intellectual property to law enforcement and Special Operations...
  4. It is rather unfair that players in Random Battle can report any others for : Report > 1 . Plays Poorly (for instance, if a player destroyed your Aircraft Carrier, he can be reported as playing poorly, even though he may not have.) 2 . Away from Keyboard/AFK (and this, even if not AFK by the way, in other words, making fraudulent report of it.) 3. Misbehavior in chat (again, more of the same problem, from the previous intentional 2 communication gap coverage, but this time, using behavior and facts in a negative way, to distort it out of context as a form and a way to restrict others and control systems...) There has to be ways to improve this reporting structure and methods. For instance, why not include video clip of how this happened, or, better yet, a link to the whole game, so that it can be better verified with less omission, or better yet, with ways to include more content than only a game, as, rivalry and attacks can happen, and, this reporting structure can be used to penalize players with HP damages to their ships if they hit their own allied ships with friendly fire and so on... So of like if they turned friendly fire off and then back on again, except this time, it's intended to reverse the damage onto you, even though you did not damage yourself. Also, what other methods can be used to solve friendly fire problems, in case it happens, which those AFK, Plays Poorly, and Misbehavior in Chat report types may or may not cover. In other words, if a player does friendly fire, make him pay with in game currency exchange credit for the repair of the other ship, or, charge him for the intentional suicidal losses which gave no benefit to allies and so on. In other words, if the player is spying for the enemy against his own team and so on... Anyways, good luck with that. I'm off. I don't associate with this kind of fraud for professional reasons. I design patents for systems to detect it, and to register evidence of it, even if it is not admissible by the parties it is done about, (By the way, I also register when they refuse to, I hold them responsible for their own actions, rather than proceed with false reports against them to try to justify sanctions or other punishment as a deterrent or other similar hindrances against them...) I saved some screenshots and may include them later, but, I am quite sure it won't be necessary since I'm sure this is intentionally done to control the system that way, which I am not surprised, even though they might try to surprise me with it. -- I included Notify me of replies so that I may see them.