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  1. Talharu

    PSA: New Prime Loot

    Quite surprised I got Alabama too. Me quite happy. But, is she good at... anything?
  2. Talharu

    Doubloons in SC

    Question for all who answered here: do you guys, keep some kind of record every time you get a SC (like an excel or something) or is there any website where those statistics per player are available?
  3. Talharu


    None. It's just my opinion. Coops : every time you rush in, shoot as much as you can, kill as many as you can, no fear of defeat, it's usually over in 5 minutes or so. The bots are always doing the same thing, going straight at you at full speed. Sometimes slowing down to avoid torps, but now that we know it, we can anticipate this too. Scenarios : there's a reason they're called like this: every time the enemy appears in the same pre-established positions, at the same pre-established moments, no surprise there. Usually people already rush to those areas where bots appear, to finish them faster. In case any bot escapes, he will come straight to your base and just stops there, sitting duck. (For ex: see the operation Defending don'tremembernowthename port, available this week) I admit they can be fun or interesting for a couple of rounds (they were for me too, in the beginning - I had around 1800 coops on my main EU account iirc, until I got the "courage" to switch to randoms and ranked), also they could be very profitable at times (here I mean about scenarios), but now I don't really find too much fun in this repetitive and foreseeable "gamestyle".
  4. Talharu


    Really? So randoms, where the situation can be different every time and you have to adapt and improvise, are boring...but coops and scenarios, which are the same every time, are more exciting in your opinion?!? O..keeey...
  5. Talharu

    PSA: Code (Flag)

    Thanks. Worked. ...but, really, couldn't they come with a better idea of a flag?
  6. Talharu

    Did they really just steal from me?

    Then where's the problem? Why is OP so unhappy that he believed this issue actually deserves a dedicated thread?!?
  7. Talharu

    Did they really just steal from me?

    I'm sorry, I'm a little off the line this thread went to, but I have a question: can't these commanders be trained for something else? Or do they remain assigned forever to the ships in their name?
  8. Talharu

    Is the Tartra a good first destroyer?

    Right! How could I forget about the heals! The heals are great! But the AA doesn't seem too scary to CVs.
  9. Talharu

    Is the Tartra a good first destroyer?

    Well, this is my secondary account (registered at the end of February this year), my main being the EU one. Here I only played the Europe line, currently being 2 mil credits short of buying the already researched Halland! You really don't have to worry at all about Tatra ... as you'll get over her in no time and then forget her for ever. Being a new account for me (with all those introductory coop battles) ... it took me exactly 5 coop battles and 1 random to get to the next in line (Romulus - 6 randoms to get over it, Klass Horn - 11 randoms, Visby - 25 randoms, Vasteras - 38 randoms... and so on). :) Regarding the playstyle... at tier 2, 3 just shoot and torp while moving continously. You'll rarely get two complete human teams... so concentrate on taking out the humans first, then the rest should be like coop. Anyway, it's a very good line. Very! Good! In my oppinion, not necessary better, but easier, more confortable :) to play than the American and British ones. They lack smoke or any other gimmick and their concealment is just so-so... they don't have too many torps but they load quite fast and they're almost twice longer than their concealment.
  10. Talharu

    Tier 9 ranked P2W?

    In the slang they use on this game/forum, to be broken can have both meanings: either to be too bad, or too good. Someone corect me if I'm wrong.
  11. Talharu

    Help to choose what to get.

    Well, those torps only reach 6km... You'll rarely get to use them. My advice, don't count them when making your choice. The real power of Mainz are her built-in IFHE.
  12. 15 I guess is my record. All on the same sub... and he survived. I was in an Ostergotland.
  13. Talharu

    Community Tokens & Leningrad

    For this reason I bought the Leningrad for 20k a week ago (on my main european account) although I didn't really want her (or need her), just not to get her for 30k when I'll open a crate later.
  14. Talharu

    New name for damage done to a SUB?

    Really? I wouldn't call them "fragile"... I actually hit him with 15 (fifteen!!!) depth charges while circling above him... and he just walked from there alive!?! I was like: I was in a Ostergotland, if that matters.
  15. Well... from what I read here, I seem to have the lowest specs graphic card, it's an old GTX 670 with 2GB ram and 256bits (this is important). I play with almost max settings (didn't pay much attention) at 75fps , without problems. These are the default setting the game thought they best suit me. I'm pretty sure it can bear more.