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  1. Talharu

    Daytime in Ports

    I'd like it to automatically change according to the computer's hour.
  2. Talharu

    Does the 25% doubloon coupon expire?

    As far as I'm aware, those coupons don't stack either. Rather a T9 Worchester.
  3. Talharu

    Game's Too Big

    I guess they should sell WG hard drives. They would be a serious competitor for WD. :)) I tried to use that on an older laptop, which otherwise can only run the game at minimum settings. Luckily, I tried that when everybody else on the world was sleeping, I guess, and it went fine. I tried once more one evening, and I was put in a queue of about 2 hours. By the time I got a free slot to play, I didn't have time to play anymore. :)) So, not so reliable.
  4. Did anyone have a little patience to look at that counter for a while? It refreshes every 10 seconds... and every 10 seconds it adds somewhere between 60 and 100 kills!! Sometimes even more. I really don't think this can be true!
  5. Talharu


    Actually I did it 3 days ago, on Sunday.
  6. Talharu


    You can just update, without uninstall. ;) It worked for me this way.
  7. Talharu

    Yeah ok , I've seen enough to know.

    Well, yesterday - with one exception when I was sent to port after 2 minutes - I played quite well, constantly being 1st or on the top 3 of my team, sinking 2 ships every battle (with the mentioned exception, of course) ... so yeah, I should have been quite happy, I guess. Here's the outcome To be honest, if I ignore it, I feel I play for... nothing.
  8. I think they should give +1 concealment to all camos, to make them interesting.
  9. Talharu

    Ships and SCs

    I got Atlanta in the last month SC, on my EU account.
  10. Talharu

    NA Server down?

  11. Talharu

    Modstation , C'mon! UPDATED

    Just to let you know it's also working without uninstalling and installing again, just simple update. Still, I had to re-select all the mods again.
  12. I do it too, when playing dd (and that's most of the time), hoping to make difficult for the reds to aim correctly.
  13. Talharu

    Anti Frustration Software Update

    They're in the trend. Some time ago I wrote a ticket to Outplayed support, telling them that after an update the full game recordings are not exactly "full" anymore, the roosters at the beginning and the end screens are not recorded anymore, just the actual battle. And they told me that the way it was working before was bugged...so they fixed the bug and this is how it should record. Completely useless.
  14. Talharu

    Flag background when in port

    It's unclear for me what you mean by "their selected" (might be because I'm not a native English speaker). So you mean you're seeing some flags on their background, similar to your Canadian flag? Or you see just the "bland shields", as you call them?