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  1. drizzlechan

    Schroder New Favorite Criuser

    This ship rules guys
  2. drizzlechan

    Schroder New Favorite Criuser

    Sounds like my playstyle looking forward to it
  3. drizzlechan

    Research Bureau reset

    Cool thanks
  4. drizzlechan

    Research Bureau reset

    I haven't done a reset yet so I have a probably basic question. If I'm looking to start it would be best to reset a line now to get the bonus and then another after the new season start correct?
  5. drizzlechan

    Best Use of Community tokens?

    The formula for an event occurring A for X number of "rolls" is 1-(1-A)^X. So 1-(1-.04)^10 which is about .34 or 34%
  6. drizzlechan

    First ever super container ship

    Fun ship, I find it most effective at max range which seems to give a lot of citadels
  7. drizzlechan

    Hipper was amazing, hate the Roon

    Hate the roon too, did about a dozen battles in her and just took a break from trying to advance that line. Isn't necessarily the turret config either since I really like the zieten. Recently unlocked the agir with fxp and love it, wish that was the tech line ship.
  8. drizzlechan

    WG thank you and well needed.

    Dunno don't think the game mechanics are super difficult in WoWs, give people a run down on AP/HE use and everything else is pretty intuitive