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  1. Because it is (always) Beta!
  2. Called "0.12.0" in Release Notes in News.
  3. cammaj

    Listen To Your Players!

    Thanks for the explanation, but he can speak for himself without an interpreter. Also, my first sentence was sarcastic, if you did not see that.
  4. cammaj

    Listen To Your Players!

    This thread only started 7 hours ago, that is not 2016. What upper tiers are you playing? That is where the frustration comes in. At Tiers I & II and up to IV these issues are non-existent.
  5. cammaj

    Listen To Your Players!

    Sounds like you have taken the "just dodgeTM " to heart!
  6. cammaj

    December Lighthouse Auction

    Thanks for you reply and for clearing up your company's policy on this for me.
  7. cammaj

    December Lighthouse Auction

    I was not being insulting. I thought the information was self-evident and did not need further explanation.
  8. cammaj

    December Lighthouse Auction

    WG should not be excused. They stated access was only for those who had met certain criteria.
  9. cammaj

    December Lighthouse Auction

    Surely @Boggzy, you can read the fourth-last sentence without someone helping you.
  10. That would be an enjoyable game. Play it as if it is ranked. I have had an interesting game with a T7 recently. Eight per side, two of which were CVs. Also one DD and one SS in the mix.
  11. If they ditch subs altogether they would save a lot of money on developing maps and be able to introduce new maps faster.
  12. cammaj

    divisions and cheating

    Nothing to see here. If it kills a sub, any sub on either team by any means, then it is better for the game.
  13. Once again subs are being buffed and a ship that is the copy of the Sov. Soy. is being nerfed. https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/58043-📰-closed-test-01111-changes-to-test-ships/
  14. cammaj

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    Look out ! Subs are coming. WoWS does not want people to avoid playing against them.
  15. Instead, open nVidia Control Panel; select Manage 3-D settings; Select Program Settings tab; select 1. Select a program to customize:; click on drop-down menu; select worldofwarships.exe; click Add, then jump to 2. Specify the settings. (It explains each setting when you click on it.) And, Bob's your uncle.