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  1. Sachieler25

    Transformers are back...

    Nope. Your not wrong as this is exactly what I did this past weekend. I don't even have many German ships at the moment but plan to grind them out very soon. For now I will work through the Decepticon missions to get the Star Scream commander.
  2. Sachieler25

    Transformers Permanent Camo and Animation

    Thanks guys for answering and letting me know. Decided to buy the August Von Perseval: Lord of Seekers skin. Will need to grind out the German tech tree to see it eventually. For now i'll just work on getting the Star Scream commander in the missions.
  3. Hello All. I want to ask for some clarification from players that have bought the Transformers Permanent Camo from past events. My questions dont seem to have been addressed before. 1. Are the unique transformers animations (ie: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Starscream) only present/active on deck during the event? After the event is over you won't see them in the game on your ship's permanent camo? 2. The August Von Parseval Starscream permanent camo features F-15 jets on deck as skins for the usual propeller prop planes. Once the Transformers event is over if you have purchased the permanent ship camo does the F-15 fighter plane skins stay afterwards and usable in the game modes Random, Rank battles? Also can other players see the F-15 plane skins flying around in the game match even after the event is over? Would really appreciate if someone can give me some straight answers. Thanks in advance.
  4. Done. Sorry if the Topic title seemed misleading for some. My first post in this topic never claimed this was fact. I would have to say it is very interesting to see that the Poll here had most voting "No" to the prospects of Enterprise showing up at the Lighthouse....
  5. Sachieler25

    What was the winning Musashi bid?

    I bid just 2000 doubloons higher. Got the ship. I'm a happy camper but $168 USD poorer....
  6. Hello All, Hope everyone that participated in the recent Musashi auction had fun. I know I did and found it particularly reassuring that Wargaming decided to give back doubloons and credits to those user bids that lost at the auction and users that overbid above the winning bid. Now that this auction event is over, a lot of people are guessing that the next auction ship could be American. Im thinking that the next one could be USS Enterprise. Anyone agree?
  7. I get what you mean by bid early and bid high, but bidding often? My plan is to spend on 50,000 doubloons and then bid all of it once in the auction? But since there are different lots that are awarded each day does that mean i need to bid like 2-3 more times in order for my auction bid to stay valid?
  8. Sachieler25

    Azur Lane In the Armory

    Thanks. Wish I knew earlier. Used the coupon on a random AL loot crate.....no....
  9. Sachieler25

    Azur Lane In the Armory

    Thanks for the Super quick reply. That's a shame. Also does the 35% off coupon apply to the AL premium ships like Yukikaze?
  10. Sachieler25

    Azur Lane In the Armory

    Hey guys I bought a few AL loot crates and managed to pull Commanders Nelson, Dunkerque and Yukikaze. I like the ship AL Yukikaze but was wondering what would happen to my second Commander Yukikaze that comes with the ship? Does War gaming reimburse players for extra commanders or does something else happen?
  11. Sachieler25

    Premium Captain Lost Ship Specialization

    Thanks everyone for the quick rundown with these details. Glad the "trained on" specialization for the commander is reduced to flavor text when assigned to a premium ship. Well guess I'll assign my Level 10 Raizo Tanaka to IJN Atago instead!
  12. Sachieler25

    Premium Captain Lost Ship Specialization

    If the answer is no does the loss of Commander specialization in the Atago affect the premium ship's overall performance during battle?
  13. Hello all. I've been playing World of Warships for a good month now and have successfully grinded up to level 9 in the Japanese battleship tech tree to Izumo. To accelerate the process even more I have invested in Japanese premium ships with the latest one being IJN Atago. Noticed that the Commander that came with Atago was not leveled up yet so I decided to assign and re-train him on IJN Nagato. However, noticed now that he lost his "trained on" specialization on IJN Atago and is instead now trained to command Nagato. Is there any way I can get this commander his "trained on" Atago status back?