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  1. B__Nasty

    Update 0.11.11 - Bug Reports

    And when trying to check my settings.. (because the new graphics are COMPLETE DOG CRAP) There's these bugs: 1) have to press ESC to close settings, the buttons are inop 2) @Konception WHO DECIDED TO MAKE THE SETTINGS MENU TRANSPARENT!! QUIT PUMPING OUT USELESS UPDATES EVERY MONTH.. WITH NO TESTING World of Warships 2022-12-19 03-33-08.mp4
  2. B__Nasty

    Update 0.11.11 - Bug Reports

    #meToo the new graphics look like ABSOLUTE DOG CRAP!!!! It's like permanent motion blur, doesn't render any details until you're like 20 feet away... ships, trees, every small detail. All these new $100 boats and 0 quality control or testing...
  3. B__Nasty

    How to Dodge Homing Torpedoes

    or just play another game.. something that requires skill, instead of everything auto aimed or homing. before they add ballistic missile subs LOL
  4. B__Nasty

    Matchmaker is Broken

    20 DD's in que take 4 minutes to divide that equally... we get 1.. they get 2 Was there something in the update news about DOG CRAP MATCHMAKING ??
  5. B__Nasty

    Matchmaker is Broken

    being the bully is more fun than getting bullied... Doesn't mean it's good
  6. B__Nasty

    Matchmaker is Broken

    WG is on the fast track to kill the game what's in the next update? 3 super CV's per team, and a premium sub auction??
  7. ^ nailed it. 100%. If they're not on my "contacts" list.. At least mute the alert sound. Then we can LOL at it, after the battle. Still in battle with 17 minutes left, and the first-blood is spamming PM's. lol
  8. B__Nasty

    Server Down?

    If they gave us MORE THAN 2 HOURS NOTICE.. we could delay our purchase of the 3-day Premium. Thankfully it's not common. But its still [edited]. They wouldn't lose anything by giving us back a "free" day of Premium. ( esp since the downtime is to fix bugs.. which could be avoided with a QA team or any kind of testing )
  9. Subs used to be fun. We could spot / hunt / counter enemy subs.. last update before release, WG adapted them to W+M1 potatoes.. YOLO straight at the center cap, and still stay undetected all match
  10. same... WG, can we at least have new / improved features to go along with our new bugs??
  11. B__Nasty

    Matchmaker is Broken

    yes, that's my point I'm legitimately saying this is a boring match, even when I'm on the winning end of a 5 minute blowout.
  12. Yes.. tier 6 CV's dont have 350 kn. jets I agree with this post, tier 9 is un-playable.. was already a HUGE difference from 9 to 10
  13. Can we at least disable the alert sound?? I'm 5 minutes into the next battle.. and some psychopath is writing me a 40-line essay
  14. B__Nasty

    Matchmaker is Broken

    no, 3 matches today had odd number of DDs if there's 18 dd's in que, don't give me 1 dd vs 2 dds