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  1. B__Nasty

    Moderate Forum Irritation

    Fun fact.. You can click ONE TIME on the "page 1" button. It's easier than making a whole forum post to complain about 1 extra mouse click..
  2. .. because WG can't put new game mode in a 0.01% chance crate for $20
  3. B__Nasty

    New supership suggestions

    Better suggestion: anything but carriers
  4. B__Nasty

    Subs and Sonar

    subs are an EZ kill. And i've never seen a sub come out with 6 kills and 450,000 dmg.. That's super-carriers.
  5. Sums up this entire post.. Lie, Deny, Blow Smoke up our...
  6. That's why the OP can't say anything else about it. It's hard to work out all the details when a lie gets this big
  7. have you ever talked to WG?? THEY DON'T CARE!!! ID 139083041: Questions about team lineups in battle (the matchmaker) Greetings, B__Nasty. We are constantly amassing statistical data from battles conducted on the game servers. Based on that data... STATISTICS and DATA... NOT CUSTOMER ENJOYMENT.
  8. B__Nasty

    how super CV's troll the CV rework.

    as a newb, that doesn't play CV... (my highest was tier 6) I was able to jump in Eagle rental, do 300k and 5 kills. Tier 9 is un-playable. We just spectate as the Super-Carriers beat the crap out of everything.
  9. B__Nasty

    mm needs improvements

    .. 5 Gold vs 5 Bronze.. Not even fun for the winning team WG "support" says "everyone has different ideas. Can't please all of you".. ticket closed.. (ok then, my wallet is closed too)
  10. B__Nasty

    Ping spikes--stuttering in game

    yes, they wont' help unless you download a 3rd-party ping tracking software. (which prob has russian spyware / ad trackers) And they provided dead links to the software.. They refuse to look at windows' tracert.
  11. . WG cares what either gender thinks in the game?? Cuz most people hate super carriers.. but they persisted
  12. B__Nasty

    One Sided blowout battles

    "teams are divided by skill".. Gold vs Bronze, fair and balanced 95% win or lose still leaves 5% for a draw... totally possible
  13. it's like ultimate Battleship.. But newer than 1994 Also like a Casino without the cigarette smoke. And they don't ask for ID when we're gambling, cuz it's ages 12+
  14. 8 brawls today.. 2 of them had DD imbalances 5 dd's v 2 dd's
  15. B__Nasty

    mm needs improvements

    you mean 5 dd's vs 2 dd's isn't a good match?