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  1. jaceiondalen

    The Damage Infliction Stack

    It's a smallish and underpowered IJN tier 4 Premium CL which has one redeeming feature; it's the most accurate ship in the game you can still buy. Speed Test
  2. jaceiondalen

    Free Premium Ship Guide - Update 0.11.0

    some good heckin' food! Speed Test
  3. jaceiondalen

    look for a clan

    To join a new clan you need to leave the old clan and wait 3 days before you can apply to a new clan. Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
  4. jaceiondalen

    Will SUBS come to Console play??

    The developers of legends wanted the game fine faster paced for consoles so their are differences between versions. Speed Test
  5. WASD from shells hitting you. Git gud at leading targets. Get closer. Be aggressive. Know when to disengage.
  6. jaceiondalen

    How to get free doubloons

    Some missions (usually during special events) can reward doubloons. There are a few things but nothing quick. باشاك شهير
  7. jaceiondalen

    Newer Player Tutorial Videos & Gameplay

    Watching a lot of new players, very often I find positioning to be something that people struggle with. شقق للبيع في اسطنبول
  8. jaceiondalen

    Is there a guide to the CLAN TREASURY?

    Honestly, the treasury is another example of WeeGee missing a good opportunity since there is basically zero functionality in it.
  9. jaceiondalen

    DD vs DD combact

    I don't play German DDs, but they have excellent AP, and if you have a good angle, you want to use it.
  10. jaceiondalen

    Wargaming amazing customer service

    Usually, WG customer service is very good about straightening out payment issues.