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  1. MsPatriot

    Community Contributor Program: QnA

    I submitted an application last Friday. However I would like to know which guidelines are correct. The news article here Community Contributors Program | World of Warships states that If you have a Twitch channel, your World of Warships streams must have an average of at least 30 viewers over the last 90 days. The forum post for applications here NA Community Contributor Application - Community Volunteer Programs - World of Warships official forum states that Twitch - Have an average of 30+ viewers per WoWs stream on Twitch & a minimum of 2 streams a month for the last 90 days. 30 viewers per stream and 30 viewers average per 90 days is very different. Also the first link states a forum post must be made when an application is submitted. But the link sends you to a locked forum post where you can not post. I'm just trying to understand if i've totally jumped the gun or i'm good and somewhere down the line i'll hear something. I know this is a very busy month for wargaming with KOTS. Thank you for your time and help.
  2. Going on past experience do you think lady liberty will be available at any point to buy for dubs, or do I have to wait for July next year to get her?
  3. MsPatriot

    Monthly Forum Event - Pot of Gold

    No one said it had to be a victory right? =D