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  1. for_revenge

    where is my fire

    where fire (25 bombs +39 127mm rocket hit=2 fire, I also have demolition expert skill)
  2. for_revenge

    win rate & MM

    So long time ago when I asking about "is there a relationship between WR and MM" in discord the answer I get is "no" . bug these day I see a video tell me the MM will consider your recent WR so I go some search and some ppl tell me the WG admit that in a dev blog or QA. Have any of you guys saw that blog before ?
  3. Just saying the opinion about CV got infinite plane are wrong , if we want argue infinite in this game , there's tons of infinite. Infinite ammo , infinite crews on ship, infinite fuel ,and else.
  4. Nvm, just saw was somebody else said that, sry quote you
  5. how many time I have to say this to CVPTSD, the bloody resupply (or what ) of plane need time , and the time is limit in a match. If you got that opinion , why don't say those ship got high RPM like minotaur have infinite ammo huh?
  6. for_revenge

    small improvement on cv?

    Well yeah you think I drop 3 plane out my 9plane attack squad will make the rest 6 plane drop more bomb, or I send all my 9 plane to you will drop more bomb
  7. for_revenge

    small improvement on cv?

    Good rudder, guns all over the ship, okey speed, last US CL/CA have torp on tech tree. And is the reward in recent new year mission that you pick from three team that event.
  8. for_revenge

    small improvement on cv?

    This game was called "world of battleship"
  9. for_revenge

    small improvement on cv?

    and hakuryu player will happy because they can dealt 20400x3 61200 dmg one attack
  10. for_revenge

    small improvement on cv?

    and he can't see the skill a good cv need! dodge flak , find attack angle , dd searching. these are skill good cv player need!
  11. for_revenge

    small improvement on cv?

    yes it can, after the cv's rocket nerf the DD are like the rabbits in the field, everywhere.
  12. for_revenge

    small improvement on cv?

    then I'll happy to dealt 2x12x3000dmg in one attack
  13. for_revenge

    small improvement on cv?

    "most OP" : only 4ppl play them in t8 MM. First you not even play one match on CV , your words are like a guy use SMG complain sniper can hit them far away. Second the improvement i suggest not goanna drop more bomb on you, only optimize the economy
  14. for_revenge

    small improvement on cv?

    that the game mechanics ,if you think pre-drop shouldn't be allowed , you want see 12 plane each carrying 2 bomb dropping on your ship same time like the ru CV?
  15. for_revenge

    small improvement on cv?

    I know ppl may panic or what because the super CV soon