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  1. scentless_apprentice

    Let's talk bb bias in wows

    I loved reading this thread. So many thoughtful comments by people who know a lot more than I do. With less knowledge of ships or naval tactics, I would submit one data point that makes a lot of sense to me. with less knowledge of ships or naval tactics, I would submit one Datapoint that makes a lot of sense to me. The last battleship made by the US what is the Missouri in 1944. On a cost/benefit basis, battleships are probably obsolete long before that. Sure, once you have them made, you might as well use them. And American BBs made a large contribution to the larger Americas overall naval victory, and both the Pacific and the Atlantic. But I would submit in hindsight (which is always easier) it seems to me that the idea of an overwhelmingly dominant battleship probably died long before 1944.
  2. scentless_apprentice

    Let's talk bb bias in wows

    Exactly right. Countries that made elite battleships, Britain especially, rarely actually use them, because so many resources have been dedicated to building them spent most of the time in port because the thought of losing them was too dire. Kind of like your best set of china that sits in the china cabinet. or take the Bismarck and gneisenau specifically. At the time bismark was the greatest battleship in the world. Yeah it sunk a couple British Capitol ships, but on her first voyage the unsinkable Bismark proved as sinkable as the titanic.
  3. scentless_apprentice

    Let's talk bb bias in wows

    dude, I got like 400 secondary hit with the schlieffen. its just what that ship was made to do. I kept wanting to send torps, but if I sink it what are the secondaries gonna do? Right?
  4. scentless_apprentice

    Let's talk bb bias in wows

    Silly. Of course it's co-op. How gauche to farm ribbons in random. Even I know that.
  5. scentless_apprentice

    Naval Battles - Base XP is a terrible metric

    Oh, but they are changing this. This is pasted from the news on update 12.2: The economic reward for transferring intelligence data has been increased to match the level of rewards for dealing damage from the main armament types. Supporting allies is now fairly rewarded without forcing players to choose between personal effectiveness and helping their team. You can evaluate damage upon your spotting in the detailed post-battle statistics. This parameter was added to these statistics in Update 12.0. DD's will get base xp for spotting!!!! (I love how they put that. As he clears his throat - "transfer of intelligence") Which only confirms the larger truth that the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice, albeit ever so humbly in wows.
  6. scentless_apprentice

    Naval Battles - Base XP is a terrible metric

    Ok, so let me take the counter narrative. Just because I love counter narratives. Anyone who gambles a little too much from time understands the role of base xp in naval battles. In wows, as in life, you can do your best and still not win! That's what makes it fun. It is definitely true that how your team fares does affect the base xp outcome. Although it is also true that even on the losing team there will be a couple who will hit 800+ base xp. To hit 800 means you either have to be on a winning team and do pretty good or be on a losing team and do awesome. All of which correlates player skill to naval battle points over the course of twenty games. Base xp in naval battles? Keep it like it is. Boo! Hiss! from the balcony. Peace out everybody.
  7. scentless_apprentice

    Let's talk bb bias in wows

    I'm not upset, I just think this is hysterical So I'm working on my submarine combat mission. I'm farming secondary hits and potential damage in the Schlieffen. I did not fire my main battery guns once. I did depth charge a submarine. Not only did I pick up a lot of secondary ribbons, I also picked up a 'place in the top 5' ribbon. I SCORED IN THE TOP FIVE BY DOING NOTHING BUT PLOW THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF A BUNCH OF SHIPS, WHILE HITTING R AND T EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE! I will never be the greatest player due to a cognitive disability, and my stats are terrible. I've given up on that. I just play my game. But the other part of the reason my stats are terrible is that I play mostly dd's. I've had a few great battles and then I will go to check the team score and I'm like in second or third with all these big dumb bb's ahead of me. Clearly some people are really good at battleships, but anyone can do alright just following the crowd shooting at stuff- pressing the button like a rat for a pellet. Ok, maybe there is a little more to it than that.... C'mon that's funny. Take a dip of copenhagen and chill out. ;) In a dd or cruiser? One mistake and your done. And everyone comments on how terrible and dumb you are and how they could have done it better. LOL. Sometimes a bb commander is criticized, but only if there are so far back they aren't in the same zip code as a cap. I love wows. It's a funny place.
  8. scentless_apprentice

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    And did I read something about some new pan-asian development? Huge fan of all things pan-asian.
  9. scentless_apprentice

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    Looking forward two to things. -Dirigible derby. -Yodo on the tree.
  10. scentless_apprentice

    Game says adding hull to udaloi makes torps better, but I don't get it.

    Ooohhhh, thats the difference. I agree, with you that the merits of the hull upgrade are not as good as a quick reload. I probably won't research it til I move up to t10. Thanks man.
  11. I tiered up to the udaloi, and I was messing around with equipment and upgrades. When you upgrade the hull, it says that you increase the torp rating +6 from 26 to 32. However when I looked at the actual changes it makes to the torps, no torp attribute was changed except that it doubles the reload time. Adding the hull seems to me to diminish torp function not increase it by 6 arbitrary factor units. Does anyone have any wisdom on this I do not?
  12. frequently when I am trying to communicate with teammates, there are two characters for each keystroke, such as when I try to type, "mmyy tteeaamm iiss lloossiinngg aanndd iitt''ss nnoott mmyy ffaauulltt..
  13. scentless_apprentice

    posting this because I'm always putting myself out there for my team....

    I know, right?! How do you get one hit point of damage? I think maybe the ship that was hit came into visibility to other players at the exact moment the ordinance was exploding.
  14. scentless_apprentice

    posting this because I'm always putting myself out there for my team....

    It didn't show up in my detailed report, and I'm pissed.