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  1. Cover_Fire_75

    As a CV Let me suggest

    I'd just be happy at this point just to be able to select my squadron size.
  2. Cover_Fire_75

    Spotting, What do you do when your team can't hit?

    Depends on tier. 8+ don't bother dropping fighters to spot dd. They only last a few seconds before being shot down and you've wasted your drop. If you're circling and nobody is shooting or can't hit it then: 1) make a run at whatever else is close by. Launch bombs and try and get it yourself. 2) if it's the other side of the map on not a threat to you then bail and spot your side and see if they can hit anything. Life's too short to suffer fools. 3) if it's a dd that will end up in your face then run. Eventually it'll engage a ship that spots it for you and just spray and pray with everything and hope something hits.
  3. Cover_Fire_75

    Win Rate % and Match making

    You know, if the mm actually took into account win rate then the higher the win rate you have the more likely it would be that you would be teamed with the worse players in order to balance teams.
  4. Cover_Fire_75

    Poll: How would you fix Aircraft Carriers?

    none The choice is between 1 stay the same or 4 nerfs
  5. Remove auto-aim.
  6. Cover_Fire_75

    How much did you make selling consumable camouflages?

    If we were talking about WoT I could maybe buy that. But Warships uses auto-aim. If the camo does nothing to the auto-aim then it doesn't do what they actually did in real life.
  7. Nice vid post. Informative and relative to current gameplay.
  8. Cover_Fire_75

    How much did you make selling consumable camouflages?

    $0 I'm saving them so a year and a half from now when they announce an exciting new feature bringing back camo buffs with an early access discount I'll already be stocked up.
  9. Cover_Fire_75

    Avoid the CV Grind up from T4 to T6 at all costs?

    T6 is a real pain. No offensive power to really speak of unless top tier and the AA will wipe out entire squadrons with one flak burst. Don't bother with co-op do random battles instead. 300%-400% more experience and everything shooting at you is using auto-aim so it's basically the same thing as playing against bots. The exp boost makes the grind quick and the credits add up fast. T8 is where it gets fun. You'll learn which T8 - T10 cruisers to not get within 7.5 km of real quick. But after that the T8 gameplay feels closest to balanced imo. You'll learn to focus on strategy and where to be to help the team the most. T10 don't bother. Stick with T8 on CV and switch to a different tech tree line.
  10. On the Ranger? Just do 2 runs and return to ship. Lexington. Attack after takeoff to return 3 planes to ship, continue with 6, do one attack run then return to ship. If you're lucky sometimes there's 1 plane of the extra 3 that survived. Midway. I Don't play it. Lex has better planes. Want the credits back I got scammed out of for this floating piece of junk.
  11. Cover_Fire_75

    CVS are not the problem

    And I can only assume you are not being serious here. I'm playing the current post nerf Lex. You posted a video of pre-nerf Lex. I don't have instant aim for torps and bombs. Certainly don't have aim / fire for rockets. Turning during an attack run would be nice but I'm not allowed to do what you posted. Can only guess what else they are using that is no longer available in the game for me. Watching videos and picking up tactics for gameplay that no longer exists does nothing. I'm commenting on how the game is now. Not how it used to be. To repeat myself, post nerf CV are for the most part useless. If you get pwned by a CV then it's your own fault. Good attempt at a troll post posing as advice though.
  12. Cover_Fire_75

    CVS are not the problem

    Just about all CL are death traps. Have to be no more than 6 km away to see them so you're already in AA range. Some start firing at you from 7.5 km. You can't keep them spotted and usually it's too late to run. So I'll try and dump whatever ordinance I have at the battleship that's usually close by before the CL kills all my planes. If it's just the CL I'll F key and try and save as many planes for something else that I'm allowed to attack. CL without or even with smoke are the deadliest to try hit. There is no spotting them so still not sure where the "op spotting" comes into play there. Hardest to hit? No. That would be DD since you can only attempt bombs on them and those are intentionally nerfed to not hit. Post nerf CV are for the most part useless. If you're in a CL and get pwned by a CV then it's your own fault.
  13. Cover_Fire_75

    CVS are not the problem

    Don't know where the OP spotting narrative comes from. You need to be 2.5 km on top of a DD to even see it and you can't keep it spotted. Also can't spot them far enough away to line up an attack so both DD and SS are basically invincible. Post nerf CV are for the most part useless. Instant aim is gone. Can't turn during the first half of an attack and after that barely if at all. Aim and fire has been removed. Frankly, if you get pwned by a CV it's your own fault.
  14. Cover_Fire_75

    CV punishment

    Did it get auto removed? My last no damage game I got an unsportsmanlike flag then got a message it was removed. Think this was put in a couple patches ago? If it's back to flagging you then contest it to wargaming support. I had to go back and forth with them umpteen number of times to get a resolve and past the canned replies. Too many ships are basically invincible now to cv. No damage games will be more common. They told me they were removing CV from the no damage penalty when I contested my flagging.
  15. Cover_Fire_75

    Favorite T8 CV?

    Can't speak of other trees but I enjoy the USA Lexington. I got the T10 Midway but it's unplayable junk post nerf so just stick with the Lex.