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  1. SpyderG6

    PSA: Special premium camo after conversion

    When I started 6 months ago I was very surprised about the lack of cosmetic options available to purchase. I know that people complain about monetization ,but I think cosmetics is a healthy way to do it. It doesn't impact competition and is completely optional. Bring back old flags and camos would be an easy way to leverage existing assets for a profit.
  2. 1) I like rotating operations and would be fine with daily or weekly. 2) This could be a fun idea ,but I don't know if it would increase my enjoyment of the mode. Other) I would like to see more tiers included with maybe a rotating daily tier to get more variety that way. I would also like to see scenarios count for special missions or competitions. Like right now I don't believe scenarios count for clash of courage, but it would be nice if they did.
  3. SpyderG6

    Clash of Courage event time lock

    Thanks for looking into this. As someone who often plays in the morning having the missions start later is a bummer.