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  1. XxBlazing_InfernoXx

    Stop placing the Chkalov in Tier 9-10 Games

    The weird thing is after making this post most of my games for the past 2 days have been between 6-8 lol IDK if wargaming saw my post and lowered my chances of being in high-tier games or not but if they did THX!
  2. XxBlazing_InfernoXx

    Stop placing the Chkalov in Tier 9-10 Games

    Yeah, I'm learning to be more patient in tier 9-10 games... my main focus was damage dealing and spotting dds not just spotting in general and that destroys most of my planes early game as a Russian CV then when the late game comes I'm waiting 3 minutes for my planes to restore and that's not good. sometimes i find myself not even using skip bombers aka the bread and butter the torps lead out just right and back to back can put 20+ torps in the sea before the first set disappears but, that's generally if you're within 8km of the enemy ships.
  3. XxBlazing_InfernoXx

    Stop placing the Chkalov in Tier 9-10 Games

    This was my stats for a tier 6-8 game a few days ago. Just so y'all know I do know how to kill with this carrier I'm not a complete noob to the game.
  4. XxBlazing_InfernoXx

    Stop placing the Chkalov in Tier 9-10 Games

    I'm not a new player I've been playing WOW for 6 years now this is my new account. However I'm not really a huge CV player but, I've played through the British and American tier 8 Cvs and decided to buy the Russian CV because of how awesome it really is but, it's just blah in tier 9-10 games, and yes I use mountains for cover and I use patience but, using too much patience leads to low damage games. Maybe I should spot more in those high-tier games and go all out in low-tier idd. but it'd be nice if they move the Chkalov down to tier 6.
  5. There's literally nothing a Chkalov can provide at Tier 9-10 besides free plane farming damage/XP. Tiers 6-8 Is okay with me If my team acts goofy I can still pull off at least 60,000 Damage a game and if I have a great team I'm averaging at least 100,000-200,000. The best game I've probably had with tiers 9-10 was around 80,000/Damage and that was most likely due to the lack of cruisers on the enemy team and bbs wandering off. However, in most Tier 9-10 games, most bbs and cruisers stay within arm's length of each other which maximizes AA. Even with my tactics of drop and go, I find my planes getting blown away as soon as I get within 6-6.5km of any tier 9-10 ship. I understand what y'all were trying to accomplish by saying okay you got one squadron per bombing run so make it count and if you do land hits they're devastating... okay I like the gimmick but, then you only give the planes 8,000HP and a 6-7 sec launch speed of 200knts.... then it drops down to a speed of only 160 with boost and when boost runs out the sped of your planes travel at 135-140knts and then when you drive for an attack it goes down to 80-100knts and then after the attack they're getting blasted even more returning up to go back to the carrier. Now I've seen multiple videos of players saying you have to move up with your team unlike traditional carriers to take advantage of the rapid launch boost...okay but without concealment mods and skills you have a concealment radius of 13.8km so the entire map sees you and that doesn't help when a Vermont/minotaur and every other ship literally can shoot at anything in a 24km radius. also, how in the world are you supposed to get close enough to any tier 9-10 ship whose AA is striking you before you even get into arming distance of most ordinances, and if you do manage to get close enough to ensure a strike your 6-7 planes just turned into 2-3 planes and that's with even using mountains for cover. I even sometimes wait for a ship to wander off alone and they're still tearing up my planes... at this point, I'm convinced there's no reason to have 8,000hp planes in tier 9-10 games. This ship only feels slightly overpowered in tiers ranging from 6-8 nobody not once have complained about it in higher-tier games. At this point of watching all the Chkalov videos of YouTubers saying it felt overpowered never did 200,000-300,000 dmg in tier 9-10 game those videos, you watch on youtube showing how overpowered it is are only in tier 6-8. I don't normally even write on forums but, this has to be said if I keep getting placed in tier 9-10 games with the Chkalov then my purchase of this carrier was a big mistake at first it was relaxing and enjoyable to play and suddenly after 10 games, I was up-tiered and I don't mind as long as I can help my team out but, I cannot even do anything damage-wise to benefit my team. except for spot if anyone can show me a game of tier 9-10 of them doing 200,000-300,000 damage against real players please link me to it so I can study how to play thx.