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    Capturing point with USS Salmon after 3 on 3 bum rush on B. Commander Grimlock - Bizmarck (Close to having enough XP to get it) Superior permanent camouflage
  2. I purchased the German Gneisau with Experience and had the slider green to also include an experienced commander. When I got the ship I did not have an experienced commander. I think I know the issue is that I did not have the experience for the additional commander. I would have expected the program to not allow the purchase unless green slider was switched off or to have asked if you want to continue since you don't have the experience to purchase an experienced commander
  3. BTW, so many sub haters out there! People should see it as a challenge. In war (and in love) you can't choose your opponent, you have to outsmart him (or the rare and occasional her). Outgunning also helps!
  4. I guess I play subs differently and different experience. I play the U-2501 and unless I have an experienced commander and all module slots filled I am fish meat for the enemy. Battleships are the most vulnerable, but if they have depth charge planes I am pretty much dead. The other types are balanced. I think the issue is that people don't know how to play against subs yet, subs are very vulnerable. When I play as surface ships I usually annihilate a sub once seen real quickly. I can also evade torpedos easily except slow turners when coming broadside. Otherwise clear the sonar and turn towards the sub and fire guns, launch depth charge planes, or drop depth charges on them. Other than the U-2501 with modules and experienced commander, the other subs are real weak to play against experienced players. I often go a whole game not firing a torpedo travelling around to get a kill without being sunk immediately. Waiting for that opportunity that doesn't show. Also, homing torpedos can't sink a battleship or most cruisers in one salvo. As uncle Roger would say, they are weak! I have to go to periscope and send normal torpedos then turn immediately and dive to max to avoid all the fire once battleship is aware and fires in my launch general direction.