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  1. Actually, that doesn't make sense. We already have ships (premium/special) that can assign any commander. Why not utilize a mechanic already in the game? Essentially all you'd be doing is paying to make a ship premium.
  2. Hey WG, just an idea on how to make money AND make the players happy at the same time. Let us buy a permanent camo that is say 2x or 3x the cost of the regular permanent camo that gives the ship "premium" status in regards to swapping captains.
  3. Discolnferno

    Mouse Needs Your Help: Part One, Tier VI Ships

    Trento - Win Trento - Loss
  4. Exactly. There are 236 permanent camos in the DV containers. So even IF if drops a perma camo instead of single use camos, I still only want 1 of the 236. I tried to get a Kamikaze out of Christmas crates years ago. I learned my lesson on buying crates for only 1 item.
  5. As the title says - I'd really like to get the Iron Cross camo for the Hindy. If I thought I could buy a Distant Voyages container or two and get it, fine...but I know better than to buy containers in the hopes of only one item. I was not playing at the time the mission could be purchased, but I don't think I'm alone in wanting the Iron Cross camos available to direct purchase for the KM ships.
  6. Discolnferno

    Anyone going to tour the Texas this weekend?

    I would love to, but it's just been so damn hot i don't think it'd be enjoyable.
  7. Discolnferno

    New Player Experience

    Funny you say that. I originally spent a lot of time at T6 with Cleveland because I liked the ship. Didn't grind other lines...and only played Pensa for the daily win.
  8. Discolnferno

    New Player Experience

    Just wanted to share a "new player experience". I say new. I played about 7k battles on a previous account with 84 premiums and nineteen T10's. With the commander skill rework coming I saw the writing on the wall and got out about Christmas of 2020. Swore I'd never come back. Meant it, too. But....I missed the Hindenburg. That was always my sweetheart. Not the most influential in battle, not a ton of utility, but I loved it. In fact, that ship is why my "new" name is what it is. So that said, two weeks ago I decided to make a new F2P account and just play Hindy. So I did. I had an invite code, so I got a Warspite - and I was still on good terms with my old clan so I was welcomed back. And then I started the grind. Didn't have Lutjens...or the other multitude of other special captains. It was not fun. T5/T6 were rough. Not because I didn't know how to play the ships - or because people were better than me. But because my Konigsberg kept running in to double CV, GC, Kamikaze/Fujin, and T7 MM. Then we all know Nurnberg is just a ship looking to gift a dev strike. My point is, it's not that T5/T6 ships are bad, it's that the experience was bad. Had I not been someone who previously experienced T10 and knew what I was grinding towards (and knew how to play) - I would have given up. I don't feel like the game gets harder as you progress. The short version - with premium time from the new player invite code and doing missions - I did make to Hindy in about a week. I'm more or less enjoying the game without the "weight" of premiums ships on my shoulders. But getting through T5/T6 was work. Previously, when a new line came out I would just FXP up to a meaningful tier - usually T6 and at least skip stock modules. I didn't have that luxury this time. The takeaway: seal clubbing is a real deal, double CV is still stupid (we knew that a long time ago, but it's still true), T7 MM is brutal for most T5's, when WG CMs watch a stream and want a GC because they saw it seal club a T5 match that's disturbing (I can provide details, but they don't seem super relevant at this time). I'm being a whiny little [edited] (did that edit myself) - but if I were a true new player, I wouldn't make to T7.
  9. Discolnferno

    How is this possible?

    If you look at a popular stats site (not sure if it can be linked here) - there are InfluencerB______1 through 55. I almost wonder if it's like a press account or something? Like the CC accounts, but for the new affiliate program. The particular account in question also has an Iwaki Alpha.
  10. I'm not saying every person banned on WorldOfWarships Twitch channel doesn't deserve it. But many of those who are banned do not. Emotions were running quite high over the past week (rightly so) and WG's "statement" angered many even more than they had been - which was then followed by radio silence entirely. The various Twitch streams were the only avenue we had to have actual communication with WG staff. WarGaming has made plenty of mistakes in the past and should not punish the viewers/players for voicing their opinion about it. I have seen the actual text written by many who were banned and many of them were not vulgar or overly rude - but WG just didn't want to address issues.
  11. Discolnferno

    So Who's Running This Show Now?

    Sub_Octavian - everyone else is just a puppet on a string.
  12. Discolnferno

    NA CC Update, Yuro Comments

    I'm glad you guys could finally get around to addressing this.
  13. Correct, it was an advert. I would have agreed with you until @Maredraco attempted his comedy routine that USMC already mentioned. Clearly he's as out of touch with the community as the upper is. That's not even including the actual stream today, which was pretty awkward at best.