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  1. Stun_Crazy

    A new ship Idea

    So I see that there is like every single ship from 1910 or so to 1955 and I think that's cool! So If you are running out of countries I'm going to suggest Israelis early navy. It could be a special Armory event like the USSR aircraft carrier event. I did some research and after their independence in 1948 from England, they had a few ships. Here are some that I think would be a really cool addition to the game. INS Eilat (A-16) Its named after a city in Israel. It was a bought for scrap and was an icebreaker type ship. Its a super cool and unique ship and would be a cool tier 3 type ship. it was used to transport refuges and later became a training ship. INS Wedgwood was a English ship before being bought to transport immigrants to Israel. It later saw service in 1948 isreali-arab war. would be a tier 4 or maybe 5 destroyer INS Haganah has the same story as the Wedgwood. It fought in a few battles with it. maybe a tier 2 or 3 curser I'm not gonna say if I'm for Palestine or Israel because I know you are going come at me. The reason I say they are Israeli ships though is because they belonged to the Israeli navy. Thanks :) please dont bully me if you dont like my idea. Im just putting it out there
  2. I'm back form my break from world of warships. I really think it helped me. I ACED all my midterms. In algebra I had a B and had to get a 97 to get an A. I studied my [edited]off and got a 99. All A's. That's great. I think tomorrow I'm gonna try and start playing a few battles a day. If anyone wants to play with me I would love to. So I hope I didn't miss too much! (I probably did lol)
  3. Stun_Crazy


    Hi I know I said I wouldn't post for a while but I need help. Can someone explain what winter certificates are? I see them in my wallet in the shop and I see little snowflakes next to my ships but I dont see how to get certificates. thank you :)
  4. Stun_Crazy

    Hi I dont know what to do

    I'm too young to even have a serious relationship. I'm almost 15 lol.
  5. can someone explain this to me?
  6. I was not planning on making another post for a little bit but I think world of warships has hired some amazing moderators. Very rarely in other games i see mods interacting with the community at all. You guys at wargaming really chose some amazing people to work and moderate your forum. Thank you to all the mods in world of warships. You guys are the best! :)
  7. I'm just trying to have fun on the forum like the rest of you but the difference is that when I ask for an opinion on like what I should buy or something like that people always say I have no battles. I'm not some fart who takes a shower every two weeks and all they do is moderate discord and play world of warships or something. I am in school and sometimes I have to prioritize. I also think I will stop posting on the forum. Its kinda embarrassing when people are mean to me in the comments thread and I will just take a break and play co op for a while or not play at all. Don't get me wrong or anything but some people are nice to me. But sometimes when I make a typo or something in a little post I make people always are like "wow your grammar sucks" or something like that. Not to get personal but right now I am getting bullied at school so I think I will just take a break from the random people online criticizing me and focus on the real world. No one probably cares but I might come back in a month or 2. Thanks to the people who were nice to me. :D bye!
  8. Stun_Crazy

    Hi I dont know what to do

    all i am asking is for opinion not for criticism. Also I am taking a computer science class and I didn't realize how hard it was to code and make 3d models. They deserve money for the huge amount of effort they put ingot the game
  9. Stun_Crazy

    Hi I dont know what to do

    are they the same?
  10. Stun_Crazy

    Hi I dont know what to do

    i also really really want the Alaska but I cant buy it
  11. So there is a black Friday event and i really like the ships and stuff. I also have money from my birthday I'm willing to spend on the game. IDK what to buy though, they all look cool...and there is only three days left... :(
  12. Stun_Crazy

    Easiest way to get tier x?

    what the fuc-
  13. Stun_Crazy

    How do you grind coal?

    How do you grind coal?
  14. Guys what is so specials about black Friday in world of warships