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  1. Rustic313

    Defeat(s) at Narai

    I've decided I can't stand playing ops in the first day or two of a new mission, in particular. Even in ships with high carry potential its hard to pull out a win if the entire team potatoes. Had a few of those in Narai last week... SOmetimes people just totally wandering off, not even hunting transports or the CV. Just did a Raptor Rescue where 4/6 ran off to the south carrier, then 1/6 ran off to the second carrier, leaving me solo to protect Raptor (spoiler alert: it didn't work). It doesn't matter how much you use "GET BACK! I NEED YOUR SUPPORT!", highlight map squares, or ask nicely in chat. Potatoes are going to potato. In theory ops should be a solid way to vacuum up XP and knock out daily objectives and other missions, in reality they often lead to 20 minutes of wasted time.
  2. The optimal routine I have developed for dailies is: Battle 1: Random, usually with a premium ship (usually Tier 9) or something I'm grinding. You just need 250 XP, win or lose. Battle 2: Same thing for same reasons. Just need 500 XP. Battle 3-5: You need to win to knock out these daily reqts. Easiest way seems to be to run an op, maybe with a quick coop in a DD or torpedo CA/CL to knock out the objective if you're short a few XP. In a coop you can often dash in, torpedo left, torpedo right side, then either get killed or ram someone in under 6 mins. If you're grinding DD or CA/CL this also lets you quickly knock out some daily win bonuses (although the rewards are thin in coop). Last Daily Reqts: If I have more gaming time I may roll the dice on a few random battles here. Should get the win in 1-3 reps. Otherwise it's another operation run. In the process of knocking out the daily you'll also get at least two crates which can be used for more coal. Just running randoms takes too long IMO. A random can burn 20 minutes and you may still lose. If you are getting sent back to port 5 minutes into a random you are probably hurting your team. On days where you are short on time, running a single op or decent random will you get you the XP for at least that first resource crate.
  3. Rustic313

    Killer Whale - New Bug ?

    I played it last week and had an odd "Easter egg." "Commander Jenkins" bot spawned on a DD, rushed in and got killed. There was some funnyish bot dialogue as he rushed to his doom. I assume it was a Leroy Jenkins reference. Had just never seen it before!
  4. I wanted Pommern as a German captain trainer but ended up a little short on coal... I would have had to burn all my steel to get her. I also just got an Agir (Tier IX KMS cruiser) from a santa crate. So I ended up with Duke of York for now. I need a UK trainer too; I'm on track to get Repulse but I figured I can run DoY in Narai. I wasn't really interested in Gallant.
  5. I got the 8 pack of Santa's Big Gift at the discount. I was hoping for some coal as I am just barely short of snagging Pommern with the coupon that expires tomorrow... I might be able to do it if I cash in every bit of steel I have which I don't want to do. I need a German captain trainer. I opened crate after crate of flags and camos... Then some dubs... Then on the very last crate... Tier IX German Cruiser Agir! ETA: And a 10 point capt to go with. I am nowhere near the free XP or research bureau to buy Agir and Sigfried, so I'm pretty pleased to get a Tier IX German premium. Now I can use my coal for something else! While not necessarily the premium I would have picked Agir fits the need I have and I'm not going to scoff at a Tier IX drop!!!