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  1. SleepySalmon

    Playing better, Losing more

    I feel like I've hit a wall in the last few days. I lose slightly more than I win. Do you think it's because I need to take a break from playing the same ship type? I'm just near the end of grinding Bretagne, which I switched to after grinding New York.
  2. SleepySalmon

    PSA: Bonus PTS Rewards!

    Is there something else I missed? I downloaded the client and logged in, but I didn't get any rewards after I relogged into the regular client.
  3. I've been stuck on Phase 5 for days because I couldn't grind 6.7 million credits with each ship type. But then again I'm simply taking the time to learn the game and not rushing up the tiers.
  4. SleepySalmon

    Skip Bombs, Oh, how I hate them

    Because if you can't beat them, join them.
  5. SleepySalmon

    Bearn is back... much wow

    I still remember the first time I played against one. I got two-shotted in a DD within the first 5 minutes because I have never heard of skip-bombing before.
  6. USS Wisconsin as a secondary BB.
  7. Already have Ishizuchi, but appreciate the rest of the goodies.
  8. SleepySalmon

    How to Deal with One-Sided Losses

    All right I just came off two more frustrating losses and would like to request a review how I could have done better. How is it? I have the originals except Andromeda and I did enjoyed all 3 (and I'm not upset with 3's endings, though I can understand). I already bought Age of Empires 4 since I grew up on the franchise so I'll probably wait until Christmas before buying more games. 20211029_191922_PBSB105-Iron-Duke_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay 20211029_193301_PBSB105-Iron-Duke_41_Conquest.wowsreplay
  9. SleepySalmon

    How to Deal with One-Sided Losses

    Well I'm playing T4 and 5 and I still get these kind of games. I reached T7 a week ago and found myself struggling, so I made the decision to step down to T4-5 and practice, but I don't know how to improve when I find myself in blowouts
  10. I'm getting these often lately, and I need some help. This is not beating the dead horse and complain about matchmaking. I would like to learn any strategies and tips on dealing with my team getting bulldozed in the opening minutes.