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  1. SaltySeaGuy

    Naval Christmas Story Contest!

    This is for mission 13 only.
  2. Prepare your typing fingers, and get into the Christmas spirit! Submit your Naval Christmas Story on this forum post to be entered. There are only a few rules that you must follow. Be sure to follow every rule to ensure that you are entered into the contest. Rules: Story must be Christmas & Naval themed Story must not be longer than 100 words Make it joyful! So what's in it for you? We have special prizes ready for those who participate in this contest. There will be one winner for the top reward and one winner for the random draw reward. Prizes: Top reward: 1x Any ship of your choice *Apart from the collaboration ships (Azur Lane, Warhammer 40,000, Arpeggio, High School Fleet, Legend of the Galactic Heroes) and ships that are available for Steel or Research Points.* Random Draw Reward: 1x 180 Days of Warships Premium Account