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  1. et_gloria_morte

    6 vs. 6 Brawl With Tier VIII Ships

    personally i prefer 1v1 brawls. its different and i like it.
  2. et_gloria_morte

    Ship's Log: Journey to Australia

    what if i don't have a superships? i want to get the rewards! i want almost free stuff!
  3. et_gloria_morte

    What’s going on with Aegis?

    why would they beef up the ships? it makes no sense
  4. et_gloria_morte

    Developer Bulletin for Update 12.1

    thats just dumb. 7 kills!
  5. et_gloria_morte

    Developer Bulletin for Update 12.1

    am i the only one who doesn't like the new way they are gonna display planes on CVs?
  6. et_gloria_morte

    Battle Pass in Update 12.0

    yeah, i just dont have the time to play a lot
  7. et_gloria_morte

    Battle Pass in Update 12.0

    I would probably get the battle pass if it was a one time buy. I really don't want to pay $10 every update for some stuff. also has anyone ever gotten to the end before? or do you have to play 24/7 and never touch grass to get to the end?
  8. et_gloria_morte

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    I'm looking forward to more battles, American battle ships. and a better Christmas event
  9. et_gloria_morte

    1 vs. 1 Brawl With Tier VII Ships

    sounds fun
  10. et_gloria_morte

    12 vs. 12 Playing Tier VIII Destroyers

    this is gonna be intense
  11. so far i dont like this update
  12. et_gloria_morte

    Contest: Spooktacular Ship Stories

    Death in the Brig It was a calm night at sea on the on the C. Colombo. Joe had just had an awful shift at look out. He had forgotten his coffee, it was cold, and it was very dark. He turned the corner and felt an agonizing pain in his stomach. Joe looked down and saw blood tricking down from his abdomen. Before he could move or yell a warning, he crumpled down to the ground, dead. Joe was found the next day, his body crammed into the breech loader of the ships largest gun. Emblazed on his forehead was a brand of an anchor wrapped with an eel. The full crew of the C. Colombo was freaked out. Stories were passed about. Theories were made. Friends became enemies. Everyone was scared, knowing one of the crew was a murderer. The captain knew nothing of this. All he heard was that one of the crew was killed but he did not care at all. “Just one less mouth to feed and one less sailor I have to pay.” Later that day Lorenzo, the 1st mate, was doing his regular inspection when he came across a sight that was awful to see. Fifty sailors lay dead or dying. All with the same grotesque brand as Joe on their foreheads. But worse of all, Lorenzo saw a figure, dressed like the captain, with a bloody dagger. “Stop in the name of the royal Italian navy!” shouted Lorenzo. The murder stopped and uttered in a raspy and gravelly voice, “You are next.” Lorenzo frantically chased the murder but failed as a dark fog rolled over the ship. Sick with betrayal, Lorenzo stumbled into the captain’s cabin. In front of him the captain was sleeping with the dagger on the desk. Within the hour the captain was thrown into the brig for the murder of fifty-one sailors and Lorenzo sighed a sigh of relief. The next day when Lorenzo walked into the brig there lay the former captain slowly bleeding, slowly breathing, and slowly dying. Suddenly Lorenzo broke into a cold sweat, his heart dropped and he felt a chilly hand on his shoulder.