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  1. This has been shown numerous times as far as I can recall and I've been playing since a friend bought me into the beta with Yubari.
  2. Just watched the video and while the explanation given in this one is better than what was slopped out in the stream it still boils down to more work for less return on said work in my eyes. All in all having been playing the game since a friend bought me into it during beta with Yubari I can see the shady underhanded truth behind this move, they need money desperately and when I became aware of a certain investigation going on it suddenly makes all of the recent panic moves much clearer.
  3. That means nothing you can buy into that tier. Yep 663 battles, as I thought.
  4. Yup, sail in a straight line for more then 30 seconds and DD captains eyes light up like Christmas Morning.
  5. catloverjerrygarcia1979

    I have some issues during play time !

    I'm guessing you mean sticky keys. If you do I hate that feature.
  6. catloverjerrygarcia1979

    Consumables - It would be nice…

    I'd rather see players stop whining about this trying to make perfect builds for every situation every single match. Stop trying to minmax and just play the **** game!
  7. catloverjerrygarcia1979

    Underwater Obstacles

    I saw a video the other day from Jingles with a Fiji launching up onto an island. Edit: Here it is.
  8. catloverjerrygarcia1979


    All the recent panic moves become clearly understood when knowledge of a certain investigation going on becomes known.
  9. catloverjerrygarcia1979

    Random battles

  10. catloverjerrygarcia1979

    PT Rewards

    The last rewards I got became available a few days after the server ended. I only partook in round two of the last one though so can't say for sure.
  11. catloverjerrygarcia1979

    PT Rewards

    If you look at the following article... https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/public-test-0107/ ...you will see that there are two rewards for dockyard missions. One in this first round of testing, and a second during round two.
  12. catloverjerrygarcia1979

    PT Rewards

    I'm confused about what you're speaking about, are you referring to the missions that start in a few days?
  13. catloverjerrygarcia1979

    PTS 0.10.7

    Which is why I'm done testing it, not gonna bash my head against a steel wall to get all the rewards for a game that's supposed to be fun.
  14. catloverjerrygarcia1979


    This. ^^^
  15. catloverjerrygarcia1979

    Modern Torpedo Defences

    I've played Cold Waters, I did not find it fun as the time compression and godly sensitive AI to any presence within torpedo range made it exceptionally difficult for me. Even watched a form USN sonar operator play and he disliked it for those reasons.