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  1. Captain_Hook_NA

    WHY do people throw games over and over and over again???

    its simple. the others were ;D
  2. Captain_Hook_NA

    USS Prinz Eugen?

    its a anti-RADAR-camouflage
  3. My detonation rate is 1%.--> Negligible.
  4. Captain_Hook_NA

    Who is spotting that ship?

    You start shooting then start smoke. With some luck the target shots at you but miss, becoming visible for ships far away.
  5. Captain_Hook_NA

    Give your DD's some love..

    Result of a Ranked Battle Took three caps, made 160 k dam and sunk half of their ships, Whats wrong with BBs ????.:D
  6. Captain_Hook_NA

    Do CVs have a counter?

    If a carrier is situated behind an island you have to approach very close to get a shot at this target. If doing so the(esp. russian) CV may start every few seconds a new squadron faster than a BB can fire full salvos, but with guided ordnance.
  7. Captain_Hook_NA

    High Ping - Unplayable

    My ping from Germany on the US server is usually 100 ms.
  8. Captain_Hook_NA

    Do we have to pay to win?

    Im satisfied, even during the last three weeks the premium ships I used, had the worst WR.
  9. Captain_Hook_NA

    Subs have WAAAAY too much health

    I think health(HPs)of submarines is not the problem to deal with. Its the active part, when played properly. Surface ships became visible even played properly when shooting or can be made visible by Radar or Hydro.
  10. Captain_Hook_NA

    are there less xp in steam rolls?

    are there less xp in steam rolls Yes because the winning team loses exp earned by received damage on own ships. approximately 350 exp per fully damaged ship.
  11. Captain_Hook_NA

    Ideal Submarine Hunting Example

    The 135 degrees figure appears helpful. I tried less angle, i could avoid partly several attempts, but finally failed against a 4 torp salvo, wich all hit me. Its my opinion, the speed of the subs at surface is simply to high. A limited time "burst speed" for subs can be possible, but not cruiser/DD cruisespeed.
  12. Captain_Hook_NA

    Ideal Submarine Hunting Example

    Im critical with the possible performance of subs if their learning curve is somwhat improved, compared to their actual average performance. But two weeks I had a battle with one sub and no DD. T 8 -10 , sub t10, I was in t8 Mainz with RPF, only one BB with me on the left flank. I could detect a invisible target with RPF. After beiing marked for the first time I decide to run away at flank speed. As the sub was accompanied by a BB and acruiser. As Mainz is somwhat squishy when exposed to BB fire. I could not see the Sub directly but was marked over and over. The sub could follow me for the whole time and hit me from behind with torps. Until the ship was death. And repeating the same procedure with the BB. Even I used the R key, when i saw torps coming, i was marked again seconds later and the next homing torps could reach me, with no R being available to me, no matter what evasive maneuver i was doing. And obviously the sub had no difficulty following my flank speed. If somone can put a advice, how to handle this kind of threat. Maybe ther is a possible decision to use alternatively "flying depthcharges" for such type of engagement. To be clear I have sunk more submarines as they sunk me, with this cruiser.
  13. DE is ok for me. tried heavy AP, doesnt work for me.
  14. Captain_Hook_NA

    Match Making T4 to T7

    I rember my first div battle. We were in a faildiv. And I had a first kill against a Frederik the Great with my Nurnberg. THAT WAS FUN.
  15. Captain_Hook_NA

    Low Tier Play

    I have 3000 battles in my Hermelin on my EU account especially from the time T1 ships had AP and citadels and the player queue was full of 12 real players per team.