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  1. Captain_Hook_NA

    West Virginia 44 - WILL NEVER BE RELEASED

    Im not sure about the deck protection of WeeVee in 1944. But as built, the armor deck (2nd deck)was a laminate from 60# STS over 60# NS .in sum 3.5 ". No ballistic upper deck. Bismarcks horizontal ballistic protection consists of the 1.9" (50 mm) upper deck and the main armour deck - 3.2 inch (80 mm) over machinery/ 3.9 inch (100 mm) over magazines. As the upper deck acts as a decapping plate and provide sufficent yaw to the projectile its ballistic value was the same as 130 mm respective 150 mm single plate. This is confirmed by british ballistics research. During the development of the H class doubts were raised regarding the effectiveness of the horizontal ballistic protection. Full size ballistic tests were carried out and confirmed 50 mm+ 100 mm =150 mm single plate. Essential factor was the distance between the first plate and the main armor. The british research state the type of projectile failure as topple.
  2. Captain_Hook_NA

    West Virginia 44 - WILL NEVER BE RELEASED

    Maximum elevation of the gun was only 30 degrees . Maximum range therfor ~ 36 kyard.
  3. Captain_Hook_NA

    West Virginia 44 - WILL NEVER BE RELEASED

    But Bismarcks side protection consists not only of the 12.6inch belt.;) As I wrote above To reach magazines/machinery you have to defeat main belt +scarp + torpedobulkhead in series.
  4. Captain_Hook_NA

    West Virginia 44 - WILL NEVER BE RELEASED

    Ok side protection West Virginia main belt 13.5" (343mm) Bismarcks guns nominally defeat 350 mm up to 26.4 kyard (24 km) . Bismarck main belt 12.6" (320mm)+scarp at 68° at least 4.3" (110 mm) + torpedobulkhead 1.8" (45 mm) I have doubts that WeeVees guns can penetrate the whole side protection at any distance. But for comparison nominal penetration at 24,5 kyard (22 km) 14 " (356 mm) So nominally the german gun penetrates approximately the same vertical thickness at 2 kyard higher distance. But american (not considering post WW1 vintage) and german armour were not of the same quality. Advantage Bismarck.
  5. Captain_Hook_NA

    West Virginia 44 - WILL NEVER BE RELEASED

    As far as I can see, You didnt offer any data on armor protection vs opponents guns resp. immunity zones.
  6. Captain_Hook_NA

    West Virginia 44 - WILL NEVER BE RELEASED

    Gun range for the 16"/45 gun firing the 2,240 lb AP projectile (IV 2,520 f.s.) at maximum elevation (30 degrees) was ~35 kyard (~32 km). There is at least one error in your argumentation.
  7. Captain_Hook_NA

    Too many clueless players

    WG obviously refused to use this approach. In 2015 also T1 cruisers had AP. In summer 2016 AP was removed as experienced players could execute beginners with one or maximal two salvos. In theory beginners could learn to angle to survive longer. But WG choose the way of reducing max damage per shot to "infinite small" damage numbers of HE shells with "safe" damage.
  8. Captain_Hook_NA

    West Virginia 44 - WILL NEVER BE RELEASED

    Bismarck was better protected, faster and had a longer range.
  9. Captain_Hook_NA


    Center column In this case the number was 1.549.900
  10. Captain_Hook_NA

    Too many clueless players

    As far as i could see he "earned" one day without WoWs. (I checked his progress the next 14 days.)one day he was offline.
  11. Captain_Hook_NA

    Too many clueless players

    Dont do that. I had a battle - someone accused me of "Nurnberg... useless" And gave my position away. In the end i had 3 kills and more then double of exp compared to this guy.
  12. Captain_Hook_NA


    Received/potential damage is rewarded About 300 - 350 exp when u get sunk and your team loses. But you need to move somewhat and hit few times at least 10 k or so is my experience. Without movement and without own shooting you earn zero exp.
  13. Captain_Hook_NA

    Lutjens or Napoli

    Luetjens The reload booster after 150 hits or so is unfun for the receiving end if placed on cruisers.
  14. Captain_Hook_NA

    Capt Skills?

  15. Captain_Hook_NA

    What ships is Heavy HE and SAP Shells skill good for?

    On my Nurnberg the heavy AP skill costs me about 10-15 percent average damage and i was more likely executed by long range strikes.