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  1. PeonCrotchsky

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    well it seems someone else was doing somewhat the same thing i did, cause i noticed this today. wargaming [edited] up.
  2. PeonCrotchsky

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    wargaming, this is going to get worse, the more you continue to ignore it. for me its no longer #walletclosed, or #Uninstall, im going to copy what Stephanie ( Jim ) Sterling did, and go with #FuckWarGaming. in fact i think Sterling should be informed of this debacle, maybe she will make a video about it.
  3. PeonCrotchsky

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    no [edited]kidding. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL [edited] DID YOU [edited] JUST DO, WARGAMING? i played this goddamn game when it first came out, had to go away for awhile, i recently get back into it, and you [edited]dickheads [edited] around, because there happens to be users who know about things better than you [edited] do at HQ, and get embarrassed about it, and try to bully them to stroke your [edited]egos? the son of a [edited] that treated them so poorly better get their [edited]on here and explain themselves LICKITTY SPLIT, otherwise the players have ZERO reason to give a flying [edited] about this game or company anymore.
  4. PeonCrotchsky

    Proposal for Missouri

    you dont get signals for achievements anymore, so it doesnt matter if you stack signals, if you have to buy them all back you still make a loss OR barely break even. same for camos.
  5. PeonCrotchsky

    Clan Flags

    it would be very fun, if we can fly our clan flags, it would also be very nice of WG if we are allowed to design our clan flags ourselves, and especially nice if the ability to do it was ingame. the next part of my idea has very mixed reception, but i want to add it anyway since it can also be fun. allow the clan flags in match to have 2 purposes: (1) a specific bonus that the clan flag designer selected, mostly as small stat boosts, such as slightly better range, or slightly reduced dispersion, or slightly increased concealment, and so on. (2) allow those clan flags flying, in match, to be shot and burned away, stopping the flag bonus in match. when the match is over you still have your clan flag to fly in the next match. i would at least like to have the clan flags, even if it meant we cant have these fun bonuses, but i think WG should give the flag bonuses a good try, along with being able to burn them inmatch.
  6. ok i was able to claim on the prime gaming browser page. thank you.
  7. PeonCrotchsky

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    oh well, i just recieved notification on joining the club, cool.
  8. PeonCrotchsky

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    you could of just said, " no "
  9. i did get the amazon prime gaming page when starting up the game itself, but that had an error too, and then when i restarted the game, the prime page didnt show up again.
  10. PeonCrotchsky

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    if this was asked before, sorry, but, do ships sold also count or no?
  11. ok, by why remove the AI? they are supposed to replace those that dont get in the match.
  12. i feel like this is a bug, but if it isnt then please move it to feature request as i am requesting that 6 v 6 matches in random should not happen to anything higher then T4's and the minimum of T5 and over, should be 10 v 10+ but yeah if this is a bug, please fix it right away. its very annoying, and it just screwed me out of a naval battle star. it has happened quite a few times now, and seems to happen right around this same time period, 2AM PST.
  13. PeonCrotchsky

    Naval Battles - Engagement Stage

    ok ill try that next time
  14. PeonCrotchsky

    Naval Battles - Engagement Stage

    what is the best way to maximize your bonus attempts? i got 14 after prep, and then it says extra for every 5 on the first day, and extra for every 4 BY the second day. should i do only 5 attempts on day 1, or 10, or maybe 12? has someone figured this out already?