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  1. RyokoOhki

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    My Best. Eugen. Ever. 1077 base XP, North map. 3 humans. And damn, that was a tussle. Probably only won that by being smart and capping up while the bot Doria bot chased our Cherbourg around almost 2 edges of the map.
  2. RyokoOhki

    World of Warships Anniversary

    I love the little animated ship thing showing us our progress for the past year. Husband says it's a thing borrowed from World of Tanks that they did years ago. It's still pretty cool.
  3. This is where my map is this morning.... Row 3, column 4 now has no timer on it, but row 4, column 2 still does. AIUI, that little icon on the tile is for a news article or video? Trying to figure out what/where to read/watch to get that 15th tile (row 3 column 4) ..... I'm also guessing there's some deciphering of all 16 letters and numbers to discover another reward...?
  4. RyokoOhki

    Hampshire and Web Campaign

    This. Also; Choosing a Team The choice of team that you need to make at the beginning of your journey will define your final reward. Join either the brave explorers or reckless pirates, and set off in pursuit of Navigator Tokens flying the flag of one of the event characters. Is this a thing where we can choose and complete one side (Researchers), then go back and do the other one (Pirates) ? Or is it pick only one? If it's only 1, what are each one's reward chains, so we know the one we picked, is giving us an end reward we would prefer over the other path? This would've been a trophy catch if the Researchers path end prize was Vivien as a commander, and the Pirates Path was, what's his name, Steampunk monkey guy, after we completed it. AND letting us do them both, like that one that let us earn the Japanese and the American officer... Was it Solomon Islands? If this is a one-choice-only, not both, it would be nice if we knew what each path's potential end reward was. ...Or did I miss it?
  5. RyokoOhki

    PR Dockyard Too hard?

    I don't think the missions per se are too hard, I think for many players, we see just how MANY of them there are, and the timeframe we have to do it, and it's almost like having a real job, just you're not getting anything worth real-world tangible value for all your time and effort invested in it. You think, in the end, that ship's really yours? Technically it's not. Otherwise, They wouldn't care if you sold off your account if you got tired of the game. But seriously, a lot of us have real life priorities far more significant and important, than spending a second job's equivalent of time to earn a pixel ship. Also, I think if you feel you ever got "burned" on a previous dockyard ship, meaning it turned out for you to be a ship you're not enjoying playing, and think you wasted the effort and doubloons to get it, you find yourself severely questioning, "why would I subject myself to that again." Far better things in life to invest that level of time, effort, and real $$$ into. Stay casual. It's much cheaper, and you'll find more rewarding things to spend that money on (tangible things that ARE actually YOURS at the end of the day.)
  6. RyokoOhki

    Groningen, a new "what to do?"

    First off, curse my luck. Thank you, WG/WoWs, and @Boggzy, @Askance, @Konception (?), and @OverLordBou, (and anyone else involved is welcome to chime in here, ...miss you @MiniHannibal65) that stream the other night was absolute sheer luck I had Twitch running during Bou's WoWs-sponsored stream giving away those several ships. Almost missed it when I won one of the give-aways, I picked # 11 and received a Groningen. Today it arrived in my port. I like gunfighters, but in all honesty, I am clueless about what to do with a tier 9 gunfighter no-torpedo destroyer. I've watched almost 2 hours of several folks' videos about the ship and its twin Friesland. I'm a co-op main and always will be, until my ego gets the better of me and forces me into the other modes to complete those Campaigns. So what's a good starter build for this boat and the 10-point commander that came with it, @ anyone? I haven't set it in stone, but am kind of looking at this build, to maximize its gun range to compensate for its no-worthwhile-armor-at-tier-9-battle-matchmaking. I feel it would be acceptable to trade away 4% chance of fire for the extra 5mm pen (hitting that 25mm plating match mark?). Also, with GFCS Mod 2 in Slot 6 (+16% gun range) and the commander's Main Battery and AA Expert (+20% main battery firing range), the math suggests it's pushing my gun range toward the 17km mark. I imagine the dispersion is horrible, but it's still bringing the rain with that rate of fire on those two twin guns. Co-op'ing suggests I'll be mostly constantly moving more than hiding and sniping over cap control. Is this a wise start-up build for the first 10 points, or could someone with experience chime in on a better suggestion? I also have a 10-pointer sitting in the D7P, as well as an 11-point Michiel de Ruyter occupying the Kijkduin right now, I can adjust them for other DD builds later. Much appreciated, and again, Thank you, WG/WoWs.
  7. Where I'm from (Virginia-Maryland side of Chesapeake Bay area), it's fishing season. BIG fishing season. Plenty of fish can be lured in.... with the right lures. Please offer enticing reasons to spend invest some of that disposable income charter revenue here, instead of elsewhere.
  8. RyokoOhki

    Transformers Farewell Sale

    I only got this by chance a few days ago, unaware it even existed. This was a "I'll buy 5 of these containers and see what happens..." Of course, now that I have it acquired before the camo eco/visual split, I'm hoping this works out favorably for me. Especially since, now that I have it acquired, by default I'm now committed to obtaining the ship that uses it. Otherwise, I might have ignored it (I'm just now reaching the unlockable tier 7 tech tree territory, so Montana is still some distance away). But I CAN empathize with player who DON'T have it, but want it for its appeal. ...Pity there's no player trade feature in the game, otherwise I could be tempted to trade this for a handful of permas for lower tier ships I actually have...
  9. Nobody in their right mind would pay real $$, doubloons, or coal on an RNG-based perma camo maker tool.... "You want to craft a perma camo for your tech tree Hipper? Here, the Perma Camo RNG Machine awards you instead this perma camo for tech tree Weymouth." What would need to make it favorable for WG/WoWs (are they still "sore" about the revenue loss from The Separation?) would be, based on tier, WoWs imposes a flat commission fee (no more than 10% the cost of a stock perma camo of that tier), then you specifically craft the perma camo for that specific ship. NO RNG involved. With the commission fee, WoWs isn't really losing if your super container hands you 50 camos instantly. They still make a piece of revenue from the players needing to pay the fee to activate the process. The one caveat being, you HAVE to use all of the same camos to do it, no randomly mixing low-value camos in hopes of "gaming the system". (IOW, 10 Pii Day camos + 40 Type 2s does NOT get you a perma Pii Day camo). We would have to buy in with the commission fee, and it would have to use all the same camos. There are several tech tree ships that currently lack any permanent camos, I would gladly pay a small fee to craft a perma camo for.
  10. Yet strangely, we have a Campaign that awards the USS Oklahoma.... Personally, if the game is really into these charity events centering on naval museums, maybe that's an idea: in collaboration (there's that bad word... ) with the museum, players can initially buy into a mission chain to earn the ship the museum has. That would be the one caveat: to support the museum preserving the ship(s), the mission chain has to initially be bought into, but after that, let any Collection for it be the subscription-type, with option to purchase containers with $$$, doubloons, or coal, and any real monetary proceeds get split between the museum and WG/WoWs. I'm sure talking globally, we could easily have a couple dozen Museum Campaign ships added. Obviously, the higher tier the ship is in-game, the longer the Collection should take (how many pieces to complete it). Don't make it a time-gated event that many players might miss otherwise.
  11. Speaking of the Sammy B, they found her/him..... USS Samuel B. Roberts, Sunk in Battle of Leyte Gulf, Found - USNI News "In confirming the discovery last week, retired Rear Adm. Samuel Cox, director of the Naval History and Heritage Command, said in a statement the destroyer escort’s wreckage was discovered at 6,895 meters by Victor Vescovo and his underwater technology company Caladan Oceanic and EYOS Expeditions." USS Samuel B. Roberts, Navy destroyer sunk during World War II, is "the deepest shipwreck ever located," exploration team says - CBS News Images show the 5-inch and 20mm gun mounts surprisingly in fairly decent condition after decades of saltwater immersion. Almost 7km down... serious water pressure. Not much clingy sea life down there to encrust everything.
  12. Hmmm. need to check the forum more often. What about these two? They still good to go, or gotta be adjusted down?
  13. RyokoOhki

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    WAY TO GO, DALLAS! Just set a personal best in this tier 6. 745 base XP. This was great past week: 4 free commanders: chose Eugen from the AL mission, completed the IJN commander from the Midway missions, then the new Swedish commander (cool, he works in the BB Viribus Unitis), then finally the USN commander from the Midway missions. Aggravating grinds, but productive past several days, no less.
  14. RyokoOhki

    500th Anniversary of the Swedish Navy

    That looks a lot better than the free beach towel we got with the code SWEDISH500.
  15. RyokoOhki

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    That Weimar. Two Brothers map with the 4 caps. 3 down the center then two more up one side. It's nice when they run aground and you can just shell 'em down. 846 base XP, that's gotta be my new personal best in regular co-op.