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  1. Attalus120

    End of the Forum

    I don’t like this change, it was only after finding the forums and reading lots of guides and watching tutorial vids did I improve from a 43% wr potato to no longer being dead weight for my team. I never would have found these resources without this forum which was truly huge and yet easy to navigate. I wish more people had found it and used it
  2. Attalus120

    Who have you seen in game

    Was a pleasure Wolf. I especially enjoyed that after our team started to fold we were able to work well together and secure the win. Thanks for the game and playing a sub intelligently !
  3. Attalus120

    Somers auction - it won't cost you a cent, BUT...

    I think next time WG might want to give people heads up on steel prices for ship auctions or that one is at least coming. The resource takes too long to earn. Until recent coupon I had enough to buy the Gato and still around 25k left over, now I am 5k short of min bid if I wanted to participate. It’s interesting that we can see WG sees a steel inflation problem, I am thinking that after a few more events to burn it off we could see prices of ships start to increase initially on new ships but then also see older ships repriced too.
  4. Attalus120

    Somers auction - it won't cost you a cent, BUT...

    So glad it is for steel, now I can ignore this auction without any feeling of missing out. Was so close to pre buying doubloons ….
  5. Live on EU, about to go live on NA. Really think 27,400 coal for a 0.5% chance of a ship per container (15 containers total) is quite low and really depends upon if you like gambling and lady luck shines on you. For the coal cost, I think they could skip the mission or at the very least actually show the contents chance of the container on the bundle page rather than only in patch notes and also the requirements for the missions.(I am blind, sorry) This would be my biggest gripe with this event. Otherwise, GLHF to all.
  6. Attalus120

    Super Containers

    20 FCL especially when they used to be 40 FCL
  7. Attalus120

    Best Amazon Prime Gaming content in years!

    I am going to transfer my prime from NA account to alt EU to get actual benefits. also don’t forget that German BB’s half price for T5’s so value even less then normal this week.
  8. Attalus120

    Inca Trail ? quests

    It was 25 Inca tokens for the first ? Button
  9. Attalus120

    Armory Exchange. Incredible

    When you buy via armoury you only get a 3 pt captain. As these come with 10pt they charge 1500 doubloons more. as I said in earlier posts I too am not happy with this event and think it is a rip off and would rather see them cheaper in line with armoury and coming with 3 pt commander. I only state this as they will justify it with the above logic with grudgingly I see what they did and why mathematically it adds up.
  10. Attalus120

    Armory Exchange. Incredible

    When I checked last the prices were 1500 doubloons more via tokens but it came with a 10pt commander worth 1500 doubloons. this makes the “package” different and also makes the net value about the same. I think they are smart enough and have thought of this.
  11. Attalus120

    Star trek captains?

  12. Attalus120

    Another SC this morning...

    Technically he is correct in that they can be converted to credits. 🤷
  13. Attalus120

    Kots commander mission

    Sure thing.
  14. Attalus120

    WTH how do WG expect you to chose?

    Aww, we’ll it was worth a try for a free holobabe 🤪
  15. Attalus120

    Congratulations you received nothing 😁

    Exactly what happened to me too.