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  1. Last year we got a few permanent camouflage as part of the event from the tokens we could trade in and it looks like something similar this year. Now with the economy separation there is a disappointing trend where now only the appearance is being passed out (eg Distant voyages containers) and for many that value is nowhere near where it was in the past. I understand that the bonus on the old permanent camouflage was not always used due to single use camouflage having higher values, But I really do hope that we get the special bonus on these three ships this year.
  2. As per title the game is no longer listed on Prime gaming. @Boggzy do you know if this will start again or is it now finished for good ? thanks !
  3. Attalus120

    Season 8 Ranked Flag

    I was looking for this too. not that I ever use them, it is I guess nice to have a momento for each season
  4. Ahskance , is there an ability to hide whatever camo's you do not have so that it makes it easier to select the ones you do have ? With the more gray camouflages it can be difficult to see which ones you have and which ones you need to buy. Thanks !
  5. I think that WG will nerf the credit price, i think 90k for a single use cosmetic item is massively overpriced and no-one will pay this on a regular basis especially in co-op and when this decreases so will the pay out per sale. I had about 2600+ single use camouflage, i have sold ever bright and colorful one i have as bright colors only make you a target and draw attention to your ship so i am glad to get rid of them. I have saved about 1400 and so far i have received over 104 million credits for selling them. This is a great unexpected bonus and i am going to continue to cull my camo's until i most likely have 3 different types and just set them all on auto until they are gone.
  6. The system does not seem to be working in a way I would consider myself better off by the changes or even on par. I have over 95 of each special signal (dragon flags etc) and only get 1 of the T4 credit and cap bonuses. I even have over 20 spring sky, mosaic, Asian lantern and over 10 meritorious service camo’s so I am not sure how it is not possible with +400xp camo’s I am not getting at least 20 or so of the T4 exp bonus. I get 1 of the credit and xp T4 bonus, I presume this must be linked to one of the camo’s that I only have 1 of, unless they give us all one just because. Strange that only anniversary and happy Pi day camo are my singles of note. I am not a fan of this change and would rather have a grandfather ability to just use the up since I did spend cash to get a lot of these. sorry for the 5 pics, taken off a mobile whilst at lunch
  7. Attalus120

    Duplicates and RNG (again)

    I am sitting at 30/36 with 29 duplicates. Annoyingly the last couple crates didn’t drop any so I’ll have to wait for tomorrow
  8. Attalus120

    Surprise Ruckus in the Depot Event! 11.5

    This event is poorly thought out. I really wish there were more simple sales events like I was told existed in the past. e.g crates for doubloons at a discount to reflect the randomness of the result (ship could be garbage) or flat discounts on a select few ships.
  9. I am aware of the announcements of premium subs, my amazement at their planned implementation still stands. if they can’t balance subs enough to launch properly yet, it is way too early to expect people to buy a product that is being constantly changed each patch.
  10. I hope you two get one soon, I got the Orkan within my first year of playing which definitely seems a rare and fortunate occurrence. I like the new “bad luck prevention” mechanism but wish the containers had an updated counter everytime you went to open them. Otherwise it would be a real PITA trying to calculate.
  11. It is kind of ridiculous that they are already contemplating releasing premium submarines when they have not even completed the launch of submarines yet. how can they even design a premium if they are still having to constantly adjust the concept. I do think they are running a gauntlet here, every downfall starts with one decision and as a player who has invested cash in the game (for personal enjoyment) I want it around with a strong and generally content player base for as long as possible.
  12. Totally agree Ensign, I was saying the exact same to clan mates last night.
  13. Attalus120

    Lighthouse Auction: Musashi

    Your money, do with as makes you happy. I bought doubloons with the limited money I could spare and it was 13k short in this instance . You have her, I’ll always want her and maybe now I’ll waste more at X-mas on crates so overall you will be ahead and I was stupid……..
  14. Attalus120

    Lighthouse Auction: Musashi

    I can confirm that the winning bid was over 27150 doubloons
  15. Attalus120

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Azur Lane Intro Pack

    Then a disclaimer should be put in it to explain to customers. the way it reads is extra missions and rewards but does not deliver. This therefore reflects badly upon WG by the player base. personally I do not care, but your employers should have anticipated this and I completely understand why people are annoyed. if there was never an offer of a mission then no one would have complained except ungrateful people who always want more. regardless I am sure that this won’t happen again, and thank you for the container worth 2500 doubloons.