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  1. 16inchYeetCannon

    Narai Noobs

    Nobody: Hey! Did you just run Narai? How did the rest of your team do while you were sinking the transports? Me:
  2. 16inchYeetCannon

    Bots: Co-op vs Ops, a visual guide.

    Doesn't help that they have a 50%+ hit point buff too... Just saw 2 Clevelands with 25k more hitpoints than mine
  3. 16inchYeetCannon

    83,000 hp Nagato?

    Yep. When you can't make the bots smarter, just make them tougher. Just saw two Clevelands with 25k more hit points than mine...
  4. 16inchYeetCannon

    83,000 hp Nagato?

    Just played Aegis under the new Operations random. All the Nagatos had 83,000 hp. That's an 18k buff. We won, but lost all but 1 ship. To be fair, I never looked at bot HP in the previous scenarios. But I didn't notice any "laser-beam" accuracy, so I was wondering why we were WAY behind in the scenario - first BB didn't die quickly. Several of the Round 2 cruisers made it into the main area, and the cruisers with the transports took forever to kill. We didn't kill any of the 3 Nagatos that come in on the north edge. I was long since dead, so I had time to surf the battle and saw 83,000... Certainly makes things harder than before.
  5. 16inchYeetCannon

    war gaming priceing

    For some perspective, an Iwami will set you back $71 U.S. That gets you a nice 3d model and a paint scheme. That's it. The function of the guns, armor, and torpedoes are baked into the game engine. In DCS, $80 gets you a nicely 3d modeled aircraft with accurate aerodynamics, fully-modeled avionics, radar, and systems, and some (also accurately-modeled) unique weapons. On the F-14 you even get a fully-voiced A.I. back-seater...
  6. 16inchYeetCannon

    How is the random Ops working for you?

    You mean like the 20k hp buff to the Nagatos in Aegis?
  7. Anybody notice that WG left the option to get "More Camouflage" when you choose your bonus containers? Sure, I want more chances to get something to make my ships pretty. Not sure they thought this through... 11.7????
  8. 16inchYeetCannon

    T10 Ranked and New Economy

    Just wondering about thoughts on playing the season of ranked, with the new economy in place. Without service-discount flags, and given the mostly one-sided butch-slappings I routinely saw in the just-ended season, I have to wonder just how much of a credit suck this new season will be?
  9. 16inchYeetCannon

    :Bot: Rocket Planes

    True, but I've never noticed it in Random as much as notice it in Co-Op. I mean, it feels like a huge difference and it's every match. Can't imagine that I get a German CV on the enemy team, every time one pops up in Co-Op.
  10. 16inchYeetCannon

    :Bot: Rocket Planes

    I'm all for more challenge. But... Just had a DD get nuked in three rocket attacks. None missed, and two seemed to "fire early" to counter my dodge (i.e. the machine gun fire was like a half-second). Seen this over many, many matches. The rocket planes never miss. Even the BEST human will miss or guess wrong on my maneuvering. More challenging is cool. Never missing is more like auto-headshot. Here's the real issue though: All the players are dead. Rocket planes of doom had no misses. Now I get to type this with the game in the background, while I wait 15 minutes for the match to time out since the bot ships are all sitting stationary in the cap, firing in random directions, barely hitting anything.
  11. 16inchYeetCannon

    Convoy, disappointing?

    No clue about the economics, as I'm a freebie and don't pay much attention. What I do notice is that most folks have no clue HOW to play it. Just finished a match as a Japanese DD and, sure enough, got nuked by a unicum in a Kidd while charging the transports from behind an island. But I sank one and nearly sank the other. Nobody else on the team SHOT at the transports and half of them were never even SPOTTED. At the end, our BBs were reversing away from the battle... Once the transports are spotted, despite calls of "Strategic Target," folks keep on playing the same old gun battles. Maybe my team sucked, but in the match above, I came in 3rd despite doing pretty much nothing else (CV took any spotting XP I might get). Along those lines though, I think - especially given the known paths and tight channels - it's basically an excuse for the attacking team to yolo. Maybe the economic side gives more favor to the "play it like random" mentality? EDIT TO ADD: I'm done. Just lost an epically bad match. All transports sunk, all but 3 of my team sunk for only 5 enemy sunk. Mostly yolo'ing DDs and cruisers to win it. Not even close to financial break-even...
  12. 16inchYeetCannon

    Bot "Players" in Operations?

    Yeah, I got out of WoWs for 3 or 4 years, then just back into it. Back before the grinds kinda sucked, but now with daily missions, the Clan v Clan missions, and stuff it's got some point to playing. But given some of the above, I'm thinking I feel a "rage quit" coming on. Played about 8 matches tonight in my Benson. 1 win, 7 losses. Some were T10 matches and I was just there to feed the whales. I can deal with that and expect to get bludgeoned by guys with thousands of matches and maxed out Captains. I mean, surely nobody picks Radio Direction as their first - or even second - 4 point skill, right? But the thing that got to me was the other matches, T6-T8. I mean, how many games can you be thinking "Wow, I sure did suck this match!" and yet still come out top 3 on your team? It's becoming routine. Sure that's nice in Ranked, since you don't lose a star, but otherwise it's laughable. I. Sucked. SUCKED! Didn't cap, maybe spotted a few ships, but none of them took much damage. Mostly I ran from a DD out-spotting me. Maybe 30 hits and 12k damage in total. And then get nuked by some guy with a pretty, shiny badge in some cruiser I've never seen before. Sounds like a steaming pile. And yet, at the end of the match, bam! Top 3. HITF? In the last match, it was funny. I posted in chat about the crapteam (we were losing 1 to 8 at that point), and somebody said "you did suck, you didn't kill anybody." Another followed up with "how do you know you're top 3?" Of course, I didn't, and said I was talking about other matches. In this one I started out running from the first cap when 2 DDs showed up and I had no support. Had to meander my way towards another cap and, by the time I got there, all but a friendly CA were dead. Took some pot shots here and there, managed to get torped by a CV, and then started running from a Eendracht who was hell-bent on killing me. Playing a game? Yep. Fun? Not really. No. Felt like I'd come in around 8th place or so, cause no matter how bad I am, it seems like there are always a couple who don't even fire a shot. Match ends... #2.
  13. 16inchYeetCannon

    Bot "Players" in Operations?

    Interesting. That is the EXACT OPPOSITE of my experience. My chat is full of "do this," "who's got the transports," or "who's going for the CV?" comments. It's FAR more interactive than Random.
  14. 16inchYeetCannon

    Bot "Players" in Operations?

    Never thought about this before, but we can have bot "players" in Random, can they be in Operations too? How about Ranked? Just had 2 guys on Killer Whale who went the wrong way, stopped in the middle of the harbor, etc. They didn't even try to exit. Were they throwing the match? But why? And I insulted the hell out of them and never got a response so, combined with the idiotic play, figured they were bots. But both names had bronze ranks. Confused.
  15. 16inchYeetCannon

    Narai and Potatoes

    Not quite that bad, but just had a BB volunteer for the transports. You know, 2 rds/minute. Dispersion out the [edited]. Went about as well as you'd think. When we said wth? He said "nobody else volunteered" (because he said he'd do it). Ok sure. How about I volunteer my DD to launch torpedo bombers then? Smdh.