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  1. vskwong

    Thoughts on new Ops format?

    or simply abandon the ship after a few shots. I just finished playing Cherry Blossom. There's a North Carolina just stayed motionless in the south. There's an ISE made an attempt going north, and then turned around and sailed south. That left all 5 of us fighting the onslaught of the akizuki's, mogami's etc. The defeat was obvious. All 5 of us died. The 2 survivors were the ISE and North Carolina. So frustrating.
  2. vskwong

    Thoughts on new Ops format?

    I just got a 5-star run in Raptor Rescue and topped the group. We almost lost this one. We had 4 ships left. The 3 battleships group spawned at the southwest and headed straight towards the exit at the northwest. The North Carolina was too far out to the east and could not help much. So my Mainz and the Benson were the two hitting these battleships, with some help from the Kaga. We were able to kill 2 of the battleships but the last one (Amagi?) stopped behind an island near the exit. Its guns were pointing straight towards where the Raptor was going to pass by. It was almost like an ambush. I sailed frantically towards the Amagi, cutting across the Raptor and prepared to ram the Amagi. Fortunately, the Benson shot all of its torpedoes towards the thing and killed it. I have never seen this ambushing tactic before. The AI seemed to have improved a lot compared to that before the ops rework.
  3. vskwong

    Thoughts on new Ops format?

    Thank you.
  4. vskwong

    Thoughts on new Ops format?

    Just a side question. Who's your commander on Massachusetts? She's a funny one.
  5. vskwong

    Rolkatsuki's in the market for a t8 prem for Ops

    Imagine a division of Mainz in operations. Oh My.
  6. vskwong

    Thoughts on new Ops format?

    I have played Mainz, Bayard, Shchors, Weimar, Baltimore and Cleveland in Hermes. Among all those cruisers, Mainz is the one that I have trouble with because of that fat 12 km detectability range. The biggest among all these cruisers. You get focus fired if you are in Mainz from the get go. So when you play the Mainz, make sure you position yourself furthest away from the BBs or angle properly to them.
  7. vskwong

    Any good strategies for the Battleship minigame?

    I observed the AI strike patterns over a few battles. I found placing my 2-point ship at F-5 and F-6 gave me a higher win rate. YMMV.
  8. vskwong

    42000 FXP stage in Mexican Flag Mission Chain

    I just want to point out that this is another Co-op unfriendly mission. I know you can play operations. Those 21 games that you are talking about are 21 winning operation games. But with the operations mode in flux, the win rate is much reduced these days. You have to play more than those 21 games to get 21 good games. Each of those is about 20 minutes. I am starting to think this is one of those fat finger mistake because the next stage is 16000 XP.
  9. Have you seen the 42000 FXP stage in the Mexican Flag Chain? I only have 5 days to complete the chain in my case. With Tier X bonus and clan bonus, I am getting about 200 FXP on an average COOP game. I have to play 210 games in 5 days to get past that stage. That is 42 games per day without using booster for that measly 2X coal containers. I guess this is one of those burn-your-booster mission. I am not going for it.
  10. I just finished a Coop game and someone got -1 ship destroyed. This is the first time I noticed it. What makes someone getting negative ship(s) destroyed?
  11. vskwong

    Puerto Rico Dockyard(2) Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    You have ample time to finish the dockyard if you start this week with both starter packs. At worst, you might lose some opportunity to get more steel.
  12. vskwong

    Puerto Rico Dockyard(2) Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I employed the same method. I used Hindenburg instead of Salem because I felt it was sturdier. Last 2 Coop matches, I got 1.4 million and 1.9 million PD. The cruiser PD portion was completed.
  13. Thanks for replying. I was also using aslain. I'll try the modstation app instead and see if the same problem comes up.
  14. 0.11.7 locked up at battle loading screen. Originally, I thought it was the battle loading screen mod. After removing it, it still locked up. Anyone has that problem?