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  1. ThighSenpai

    Since Signal Flag Changes..

    Guess you shouldn't have farmed detonations...
  2. I'm just going to have to strongly disagree on your opinion portion... and it comes to a simple reason as: More DD's = Less BB's = Less Damage to Farm. The experience players get when they get big damage numbers is something I think that most players enjoy. DD's also really don't support a more "dynamic" match for all classes. I feel that BB's will play more passive as many will fear the increased torpedo threat of DD's. Of course there isn't really a way to measure how passive/aggressive matches are so it's just a "feeling." When you have 4-5 DD's per match there really is a significant less amount of total health in the match. It really makes the game less enjoyable for Battleship players as they have already had limited options to combat DD's. I honestly don't see a high BB population as being a problem (unless BB's themselves were overperforming) due to my previous points of the damage being significantly less. I think ideally we would have 2-4 DD's per match, with 4 DD's being rare.
  3. I hate this update.
  4. ThighSenpai

    The cost of playing is too darn high!

    No the point is that there is now an increased cost in order to maximize your ships performance, which is essential for any kind of competitive play. The OP also states how achievements have lost it's meaning as it's now just a "gold star." Which is true as they used to have an actual reward (signals) and now they don't. Another key point the OP makes is that it's harder for a newer player to start who hasn't hoarded signals and now will have a much harder time getting the signals needed to maximize their performance. I really don't see how you think this is a "ego" related issue as I believe many would agree this achievement change was done to drastically decrease the signal earnings of the majority.
  5. ThighSenpai

    Seigfried or Slava?

    These ships are polar opposites. One is focused entirely on a tank/pushing type of Battleship (Kremlin) while the other is entirely focused on sniping/long-range gameplay. In fact, Slava gets better dispersion the further you are from a target while Kremlin gets better dispersion the closer you are. Ultimately, they both have very different playstyles, and it comes down to if you like the gameplay the ship offers.
  6. Honestly, I think you should be able to freely respec your commander at any moment to fit your playstyle... but that's just not profitable... Oh well...
  7. ThighSenpai

    DD's dont need help from Wargamming.

    World of gimmicks ig
  8. ThighSenpai

    DD's dont need help from Wargamming.

    Personally, I believe that DD's really shouldn't be the priority for the "coddling" that so many have described. Whatever balance between the three surface ship classes that had previously existed has been gone now, for a while in fact. A competent DD can still dictate the outcome of a cruiser vs destroyer. This really shouldn't be the case as it should be a "rock paper scissors" type of counterplay. (e.g. Cruisers counter Destroyers, Destroyers counter Battleships, Battleships counter cruisers.) We now have a very odd interaction where DD's can counter cruisers, and cruisers can counter battleships while the battleships seem kind of left out these days. I honestly don't mind CV's even if they attacked me while playing Battleships as it meant that DD's would be pre-occupied. However, with this rocket nerf I feel that CV's will find themselves less willing to take the role of the anti-DD. Ultimately I believe battleships need love/coddling, not the destroyers. They feel like they're in a bad spot these days, and it just gets worse each update.
  9. ThighSenpai

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    I don't think a test server where player skill is relatively low is the best way to determine something's performance... Also I'm unsure of your point as it says you've only down 6k rocket damage with 44 hits.
  10. ThighSenpai

    How is Saint-Louis a T9

    Alaska is considered overpowered so comparing a ship to an overpowered ship might make it underwhelming... Besides that they play very differently, and I'd recommend searching YT for videos on the ship so you can learn how to play it effectively.
  11. ThighSenpai

    WG 1 week is not enough time to rank out.

    Your progress is reset at the end of each sprint. It ends in 4-5 days, you can check this in-game by going to profile > ranks > then hovering over the "Sprint" label.
  12. ThighSenpai

    WG 1 week is not enough time to rank out.

    This is just speculation but I believe the first sprint was only 1 week due to more skilled players being able to rank out in a few battles which led to them being unable to play ranked for a while. Don't worry though, next sprint (or week) will go on for 2 weeks instead of 1.
  13. Looks to me like it's 3 strikes all dropped by the same player.
  14. ThighSenpai

    Opinions on the Awards Rework

    But do people who primarily play co-op need these signals? A lot of the combat signals seems like a waste to be used in co-op considering how fast the matches last... This is a big hit to PVP mains as they may have to be more stingy with their use of signals. They also now get randomized signals which means they can't go after a specific achievement to get specific signals. It also devalues achievements as its only use is now to activate specific commander talents. Overall it seems like this change is a way to incentivize the player to spend credits/coals to buy signals from the armory.
  15. ThighSenpai

    Are wins just worthless?

    Is it a statistic worth looking into? Depends what your goal is in this game. If you want to join a more competitive clan, grind faster, or just improved as a player I'd say it's worth it. As for your question "do you think it is just the luck of the draw on getting a good team?" I believe 20-30% of your solo matches will be guaranteed losses, however, there are many games where if you do things in a specific way it would end in a victory. At 5k battles it becomes a challenge to improve your overall win rate, so I'd focus more on your recent win rate. Also I'd recommend checking the thread below as some people gave tips/advice on how to improve your solo win rate.