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  1. Venturous_625

    Getting Hannover to Work

    How do I obtain for meritorious service camo?
  2. Venturous_625

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

    WG, please explain who the two ladies work for. WG have you outsourced this business, UX research, or is this being done in house?
  3. Venturous_625

    WG any new coal and RB coming.

    Will most likely wait for Santa Crates. As the RN second battleship like and French super cruiser will open for early access and Puerto Rice DY will start up.
  4. Venturous_625

    Tier 11 premium ships !

  5. Venturous_625

    Tier 11 premium ships !

  6. Venturous_625

    Tier 11 premium ships !

    The statement i read on tier 11 ships is Dev Blog 20.04.2022 05:00 " Now, Supership credit earnings will be on a similar level to Tier X ships, as originally planned. I have result from 2 battles in Hannover and 1 in GK. The Hannover battles in coop differ mainly the type of camo I put. I used as camo "For Meritorious Service" and "Hunter ". The main difference was FMS gives -50% for services cost. The GK permacome has this -50% built in. The results without the -50% reduction in service cost isn't similar or even close to my tier 10 results in GK. If the quoted statement is correct them the tier 11 economy is not and needs to be adjusted
  7. Venturous_625

    Please bring back Montpelier

    The Montpelier would make a nice ship to bring back.
  8. Venturous_625

    New Stream Code

  9. Venturous_625

    Spring Bundles in the Armory

  10. Venturous_625

    PTS 0.11.4 pt 2

    Bismark had GHG hydrophones but no sonar. At the Kbismark site they have several paragraphs on this subject " In Unter Drie Flaggen, Schmalenbach quotes his own watch officer's record: that the 286* GHG contact was at 0440 hours (PG time), which is 0540 hours by our reckoning. 286* relative would have been Hood and Prince of Wales, and 0540 hours would have put them about 31 km away. And that makes sense ."...https://www.kbismarck.org/forum . In game the GHG would function more like radio location. I would like see Bismark and tiers IX, X, and X1 equipped with GHG hydrophones. Hydroacoustic in game is a surface and just below the surface type of sonar with limited range. I don't think sonar is represented in the current game. Sonar can detect subs at depth. Just add in thermoclines for subs to hide under.
  11. Venturous_625

    PTS 0.11.4 pt 2

    I had a match in random that each side had 4 subs, 1 DD, 2 CA/CLs, and a BB. This wasn't fun. The lone surviving ship on green was a Daring that was sunk by 3 subs.
  12. Venturous_625

    Bought Maya

    I am having fun in the IJN Maya in coop. I will continue in coop until I get used to the ships strengths and weaknesses. I have a 17 point commander R. Suzuki that I can move around between premium ships..
  13. Venturous_625

    Bought Maya

    Yes you can purchase the lacquer finish if you just buy the Maya. I just did. Cost is 4,000 doubloons.
  14. Venturous_625

    PTS 0.11.4

    Welcome to the community. I am almost at 1 year playing. I played mostly coop for the first month or so. I still find I get overloaded by what is taking place on the map.
  15. Venturous_625

    PTS 0.11.4

    I had fun. The random battles went from tier IX and X to all super ships and bots. Everyone is buying a super ship. So I purchased the Hannover and fought a domination battle on North. It seems the cost is a little to high. I had all the dragon and economic flags plus premium. I only made 90,000 credits. Premium alone made the credits go from -80,000 to +90,000. The games were fun but the economy seems unbalanced at present. I took my Hornet out for a battle. All the other ships were bots. The game lasted over 15 minutes which was plenty of time to derp around in the Hornet.