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  1. WOWS and CMs: There are many topic with many posts. You responded in Dev blog 21.10.2021 06:00 some of which is outlined below. You have released submarines for another round of testing.Do you all understand how frustrating playing the game is currently with broken submarines back again . It is beyond tolerable. Why do you need more test data at our expense through frustrating game experience? Please pull them now and put them back in when the changes are made. Additionally you did not how to mitigate a ping lock beyond maneuvering or using the repair function. Having to use the repair prior to damage isn't good game design. Please address this issue. Update 10.10 is in about two weeks. Please give me back my sanity and pull the subs:) "Submarines: 2 weeks of Random Battles testing Greetings, captains! It's been 2 intense weeks since Submarines entered Random Battles, and we're eager to discuss your feedback and how we plan to address it. The changes described below are scheduled to be released in the next big update — 0.10.10. "Depth switching abuse Not a very frequent, but still rather frustrating trick that we've noticed is the ability for submarines to switch depths quickly between surface and periscope depth. It allowed some players to reduce their concealment while not spending their battery charge because a sub's detectability started to change immediately when a depth change is ordered. We don't believe such tactics are healthy for game play, so this trick will be patched out: detectability changes will occur when a sub reaches periscope and maximum depth."
  2. Venturos625

    Kearsarge vs Minnesota vs Hizen

    I agree. I fought against the Kearsarge twice. The 2nd battle i got to 10-11 km with a Pommern and Lutgens. We had similar health. I lost by small margin to do the damage from 16" shells. My secondaries mauled her. I agree about Minnesota. It is large, slow, easy to hit and citadel, and likes to burn. The reload speed and lack of good secondaries really hurt this ships. Don't know any about Hizen.
  3. Venturos625

    Submarines: 2 weeks of Random Battles testing

    First I did not enjoy/like playing sub or against them for the numerous issues brought up on this forum. I was in favor of adding submarines so WOWS would see reactions and gather data. At this point they seemed to have listen and made what changes they could quickly for round 2 of testing. I see that as positive behavior. They are adding new battle types, or one Convoys. They will need to demonstrate the ability to manage multiple complex issues at the same time and adding/fixing things more quickly. For me the next reality check is how WOWS handles the CC program and the coming holiday events.
  4. Venturos625

    Scrapping Brandenburg

    Nice work. I just barely lost out in a brawl with a Vlad. Missed my torp shot to port. Fun ship.
  5. Venturos625

    POLL: Dockyard Ships You Missed

    I have only been around to obtain ZF-6 and De Zeven Provincien . Would like obtain the others starting Puerto Rico.
  6. Venturos625

    Subs have super stealth; they do not need super torpedoes

    We are just trading back and forth our opinions. Being able to survive 20 minutes and getting a lock on are two separate dynamics. No one can consistently last in a match for 20 minutes. Your proposed measures are inaccurate. What are actually trying to say about subs? Do you like them as they are?
  7. Venturos625

    Subs have super stealth; they do not need super torpedoes

    I have played subs in coop and random. Getting a double ping is easy. The maximum distance one can see at sea level is 4.7 km and at 15 meters I believe 7.56 km. So how is a sub able at periscope depth able to get a lock on at 12 km? Again this capability is OP.
  8. Venturos625

    Subs have super stealth; they do not need super torpedoes

    While my opinion is subs are okay to add to the game. The ones we have at tier VIII and X are OP. These subs are better than 1960s and 70s boats. These subs do not fit and should be removed (my opinion). Ships had their hulls degaussed to mitigate magnetic mines. Noise makers (foxy) were towed behind ships as a counter measure to acoustic torps. Ships need counter measures. Alter the acoustic properties of the hull (like camouflage). Add some form of counter measure, like a noise maker launcher with 360 degree firing arc and 2 loads, that helps break lock on and loads as fast as torps can be launched. The ability to fire below periscope depth should be limited in range and ability to obtain a lock on (1/3 range 50% reduction in getting lock on). Any tier sub has to have risk of observation and attack. No blank spot in the ocean to drop depth charges on.The only method to obtain some form of lock on is from the surface or at periscope depth. Also if a sub is traveling above 10-15 knots the range of detection like doubles. Silent running at reduced speed is a limitation even for modern subs and needs to be added to these subs.. Also subs should not be able to spam launch torps and then get a lock on. If the torps are launched with no lock on they are ballistic. There is little skill needed with the current versions of subs. They are breaking the game
  9. I did not suggest changing ASW, I called counter attack. The rest of the proposal dealt with replacing the repair button. I suggested adding a noise maker, altering the acoustic properties of the hull like camouflages, and adding a counter measure launcher that impacts homing torpedoes. Ballistic launched torpedoes do not have a ping lock on the hull and are like DD torpedoes. The cool down is shorter than the sub reload cycle except when the sub staggers reloading. As released the tier X subs are OP in many areas. Tier just less OP. These tier need to be removed now. WOWS has indicated they would add subs if they fit the current design doesn't fit.
  10. Venturos625

    Brawls, did good until tonight

    Did any of his talents activate? I know these will not work in clan and ranked battles. Don't know about brawls. If you have a higher point captain but him back in. What ship are you using?
  11. Venturos625

    Brawls, did good until tonight

    That is frustrating. I go learn in coop first. It takes 20+ matches to figure out a ship. I then play in random. I really don't lack of experience to ruin others fun. I don't know if I am a good enough player for brawls. May try once and see.
  12. Venturos625

    Brawls, did good until tonight

    Since I am sort of new I have had to learn new lingo. Yolo " to enter a dangerous or difficult situation without much planning or regard for the outcome". I was asked why I was yoloing. I had to think what I was doing. I altered my play from following other ships in a cap to not to rush, look at position (cross fire and traps), and think of the overall game for my team. This is new for me. The game is a pleasant challenge to learn. Best for me is 113,000 damage, 27 mb hits, 378 secondary hit (out 1427 fired), and 11 fires. We were on Northern Lights myself in a Pommern/lutgens, a dd (daring?) and latter a second Pommern pushed south toward cap c. The rest of the team failed to take a and b. We engaged a Riga, Izumo, Minnesota and 2 Kitakazas. It was a wild 3 minutes as the secondary buff kicked in and then Lutgens. The Pommern behind me was also firing everything as were the other 5 ship. It was like a hurricane of shells. It was hard to see what to aim my MB at. We took the cap. I died to DD HE and the Pommern did shortly after. The opposing team lost the Riga, Minnesota and 1 dd, The Izumo and other DD were really chewed up. We held the cap for a minute. We lost but this sure was fun.
  13. Venturos625

    Brawls, did good until tonight

    I got Lutgens a moth or so ago and he is at 16 points. I use him in my Pommern. I really enjoy running this combo. I had some epics, for me, and fun brawls in random.
  14. Venturos625

    ASW could use a bit more UMPH. (Visually)

    This is one of the benefits of DDs but they can be spotted. A sub can operate at 20 meters (feet?) and not be detected as far as I know. Or a sub can be on the surface and fire from beyond there detection zone, visual or 10km radar, and fire salvo of torpedoes. The Balao reloads in 46 seconds and has a range of 12 km as does the sonar. Under water speed is 29 knots and surface detection is 6 km submerged is 2 km. While kiting away in a Missouri from an Iowa, FDG, and Yoshino the Balao caught up with me twice out 12 torpedoes I took 5. The Balao shouldn't b able to keep up with a BB or CA. The speed under water needs to be reduced and high speed done with a speed boost that has a cool down period. Then you can spam launch every 46 seconds.
  15. Venturos625

    Naval Battles

    Thank you both. It is clear me on why and that no change occured. Again thank you.