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    Congratuations to the following players for participating in this spendid offer First Place Winner: @Kael_17 (Winner of Duke of York) Second Place Winner: @Coolkid_198 (Winner of Viribus Unitis) Third Place Winner: @Tactical_Insanity (Winner of Dreadnought) In addition, the following people will get bundles @DEADLY_WEAPON (Winner of one Naval Traditions Bundle) @Tactical_Insanity (Winner of one Naval Traditions Bundle) @RickPatton (Winner of one Full Ahead! Bundle) @Bush13 (Winner of one Full Ahead! Bundle) @Kael_17 (Winner of one Full Ahead! Bundle) @Coolkid_198 (Winner of one Full Ahead! Bundle) Once again, congra,ts to u all for winning a cool prize. You will recieve ur gifts soon (TM). (As Hapa_Fodder says)
  2. This is that time of the year when the boogieman is lurking under yo bed, when Duke Dracula is preparing to clam his next victem, when mummy is after you for offending her, where kids dress up as princesses pirates, NoZoupForYou Star Wars villains and heros, and Marvel Avengers Heros, where evil wiches, wizards, and alchemists are 'bout to take over Albuquerque, Minneapolis, and Cincinnati with their spells and enchantmants, and where ppl necro old WoWS threads hidden in the sweaty basement of the forums into plain view. But Holloween is also that time, of the year for fun, tricks, treats, games, "candy", and an ton of cool prizes. For 2021 Halloween, I will be hosting a special stream on October 27th-Novomber 3rd. (Here is the link to my Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/firstdayadmiral ) "Wow, cool, FirstDayAdmiral, but what will you be doing while u stream?" you might ask. Well, I will be playing the new Holloween operations (saving trans. and Sunrise in the Darkness), the new Twighlight game mode (and give my thoughts on why WG is taking the right direction wit this cool Sci-Fi game mode), the new hybrd ship Kaersage, the new German battleships, and much more! Join me for fun, games, and a little surprise for my subscribers.... "This is just awesome, but will there be prizes? Well, its Holloween after all, of course Im handing out prizes! Now, the three greatest prizes Im handing out are three amazing premium ships for three random winners that I will pick out personally. Below are the 3 ships and other cool prizes. British Tier VII Battleship Duke of York (First place prize) European Tier V Battleship Viribus Unitis (Second place prize) British Tier III BAttleship Dreadnought (Third place prize) Naval Traditions Bundle (This bundle includes 3 days of Premium Time, 4 Dragon signals, 4 Wyvern signals, & 7 Type 59 camouflages, 2 random players will get this prize) Full Ahead! Bundle (This bundle includes 1 day of Premium Time, 2 Dragon signals, 2 Wyvern signals, & 3 Type 59 camouflages, 4 random players will get this prize) "How can I get these prizes, FirstDayAdmiral?" It's rather easy, to get a chance to get a Bundle (NOT a warship), all you have to do is to put down in the commet section this phrase. "Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween!" See, easy. To get a chance at a warship, though, it will take more effert. All you will need to do is to take a screenshot of a battle in witch you cause 500,000 damage (only applies to Sunray in the Darkness and Twighlight Hunt) and post it in the c,omments section. Rather easy, eh? I will be revealing the winners on Oct. 25, so u only have three days to try your luck at these prizes. But it will be worth it.
  3. FirstDayAdmiraI

    Fair winds and following seas, friends!

    You have been here long enough.
  4. hahhahhahha using a 5 y/o disney princess movie as a way to disprove my well made, well argumented post? i am way cooler than two 5 year old princesses in that movie. So immature. hahahaha
  5. WG is not at fault for the current wows is because This is a business that developed a game. Nothing in life is free. But this company offers you to play their game for free. This game has to turn a profit in order to be able to stay in business. They offer various items that you can buy to help make your game more to you're individual liking (You're not forced to buy them). They allow you to choose which country you would like to play and ship type without making you pay or unlock it. The maintenance downtime almost doesn't exist which is unheard of in most games. I could go on. The CCs that are leaving the CC program are just throwing a temper tantrum just cuz they are selfish and cannot admit they're wrong. Think "Big picture". You ARE NOT IN THE MEETING ROOM WITH THE DEV"S AND STAFF. You have no idea what their release tracker completely says. You have no idea what's being done behind the scenes. Instead of losing my cool, I usually wait a couple of weeks during a pandemic to see what updates were done to fix any issues. The staff is supposed to fix any issues in 5 minutes right? With this much coding? Try cutting the WG staff some slack. Some CCs that left were destined to be removed at some point becuz lack of recent content *cough Ichase cough* so pouncing on this oprtunity to leave claiming and using the situaation as a excuse that WG is a bad company. I cant believe the playerbase and the toxic CCs that left are pretending that wg is at fault but in reality the only ones at fault are them to begin with. The toxic CCs want to control wg and everything about ewg but when wg does something else the selfish CCs are like "OH, WG BAD COMPANY! BOYCOTT THE GOODS!". To begin with, u choose if you want to buy the purchases or not. WG is just offering you the option, they arent forcing you to buy it. Who cares for the toxic CCs anyway, the game is better off without them and their fanboys following them around and worshiping them like a god. WG doesn't make mistakes that the CCs and playerbase portray them as. WG is a good company and the CCs that are leaving are just creating a pseudo-"pandedmic" just to get more views and subscribes always portraying wg as th bad guy and always pretending to be right when in reality they are dark and corrupt inside. Even I know this, even though I played this game for a while it is not surprising i am probably the best player in this game, you may be wondering "How did you achieve this?" well, its simple. i dont let the toxic CCs and Flimbos, and flimsy negative ship reviews cloud my warship career. WG ship armada videos and descriptions are better than those toxic videos and reviews that are for pure toxic entertainment rather than knowledge. CVs killing game? Nope, not one bit. "Dead eye will be the death of us", "The time of secondaries is over". I literally just read several forum, facebook and youtube posts where people were having record matches with secondaries "Brawling is dead" False. Still seeing tons of it. What I am seeing is the result of YouTubers play strategy. It was social influencers who preached cover and demanded newer players to hang back and use the islands for cover. Now that they are doing that, the players that got good off of sniping are mad. Nobody is taking objectives because they are doing WHAT THEY WATCHED ON SOCIAL MEDIA. The current playstyle isn't WG's fault, I hate to be the one to explain that. And the deadliest of all, Is WG killing the game? NOPE. In fact, if you dont let the toxic playerbase and CCs cloud your understanding of the game you will soon realize how hard it is for wg to please everyone and at the same time make money to pay their employees for their hard work. Even I, a retired 100% disabled military vet am making a difference fighting this extreme toxic comunity and toxic CCs that see the player base as just views and subscribes. Nothing more and fool their viewers into a made up dillusion that is completely 100% guaranteed false if closely examined. Before big toxic CCs and their worshipers start attacking me for speaking truth and calling them out on their filth, let me say that you are nothing more than a view/subscribe to them. The toxic CCs only care about the numbers on their channel and on their ingame profiles which means completely nothing. If you are intelligent then you will know to run away from them as soon as possible because the current supposedly "WG created pandemic" is created by those same toxic CCS just to get you click that red "subscribe" button and views. I do know no one at WG. But I've been here long enough to see a raging video community that is raging FOR ALMOST NOTHING. Your emotion is coming from social media. If the game was that bad you would not be here. Quit letting others influence your enjoyment of a game. Remember this is a matched base game. You will not unlock everything on day And at the end of the day, it's just a video game. - Zach
  6. FirstDayAdmiraI

    So tired of OP divs

  7. OP is a toxic player that blames his mistakes on RNG and other players rather than himself. Ignore him, carry on.
  8. FirstDayAdmiraI

    I have lost confidence in Wargaming

    WG isn't at fault, this toxic community is.
  9. FirstDayAdmiraI

    New soviet cvs good addition for game

    I am one of the best players in this game. I don't use cheats and I don't rant and cry and get toxic over a little winrat that means absolutely nothing.
  10. FirstDayAdmiraI

    There 100% are cheaters, and more of them than you think

    Hahaha, toxic player mad because I am trying to make a positive community. and also mad because you read truth. bye bye ignore list!!
  11. FirstDayAdmiraI

    There 100% are cheaters, and more of them than you think

    I agree with OP. Many players use cheats most of them high stats. When their whole team dies instantly the cheaters get mad because their precious wr which means absolutely nothing gets hurt.
  12. FirstDayAdmiraI

    New soviet cvs good addition for game

    Want to know how to become better at wows from one of the best players? Want to know the truth about this game? Want to fight this toxic community? CLICK BELOW https://www.twitch.tv/firstdayadmiral https://firstdayadmiral.com
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    We need DD rework please

  14. FirstDayAdmiraI

    Rockets Are Useless Now

    I agree, cvs didn't need the nerf. Now they are worse than they are because of the toxic community P.S. for those who want to support my effort against the toxic community and bring more positivity visit my twitch https://www.twitch.tv/firstdayadmiral My website https://firstdayadmiral.com
  15. FirstDayAdmiraI

    New soviet cvs good addition for game

    you guys are toxic mean people. people in this game scream WG IS AT FAULT but the truth is the toxic playerbase is to begin with. i am a 100% disabled vet and you haters cut me down for speaking truth....oh wait...truth hurtz. I appreciate the few who support my effort in fighting off this toxic community.