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  1. Dancing_Wave

    PTS 0.10.10

    Hi Team, Need to put more weight on lighter ship (destroyer and subs) I know this has been reported but just to let you know that it made me dizzy too because the waves. IGN : Dancing Wave Server : NA
  2. Dancing_Wave

    0.10.10 PT small patch

    PLEASE DISREGARD The game has started to update here at my end just after I finished posting here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi, The Server has been updated but version of the game does not match the server version. Most likely because of the Patch. How to resolve this? There is no pending files for download to update also our game version in our computer. Please see screenshot of error.
  3. Dancing_Wave

    PTS 0.10.9 Bug Reports

    Public Test 0.10.9 Round 2 Missing Missions Hi, In the Public Test Server. Why is it that only the 3 000 000 HP damage mission(500 Community Token) is appearing and also the Earn 15 stars (500 Community Token) Mission? Twilight Hunt and Random is still active until the day ends but I don't have the mission like the Receive 70 "Set on Fire", "Caused flooding" or Torpedo hits ribbons in Random Battles, Twilight Hunt or Assymetric Battle (1000 Community Tokens) and all other Round 2 Missions. The mission is checked under Round 1 and also checked under Round 2. So I should be able see the missions that are checked in Round 2 until Round 2 ends, right? Attached are the screenshots of the missions I have in Public Test. Thanks and I only have a few hours left to do the Round 2 missions. Kindly resolve urgently.
  4. IGN : Dancing_Wave Server: NA Hi Team, I need help. I have achieved Rank 1 already in T10 Rank Battles in the current Public Test that is on going. The game won't allow me to continue because I already achieved Rank 1 (T10) but I still have some missions to finish. I don't have experience yet achieving Rank 1 in T10 and so I don't know that everything stops when you achieve it. It's unfair because it's like you are penalized for being good in the game. Now, I can't proceed and complete remaining missions which expires in 2 days. Please, can you revert me back to Tier 10, Rank 4? I promise to lose and complete my mission before achieving Rank 1 again :) I need those community tokens from the mission rewards. Please see screenshots that game won't allow me to continue in T10 Rank Battle Please see also those missions that I can't do right now and will not obtain the community tokens should I not be able to proceed. Thank you for the help and hopefully this gets resolved before the mission expires. Respectfully, Dancing_Wave
  5. Dancing_Wave

    Random in Division Does Not Load

    Sorry, I don't have but will attach here if it happens again.
  6. IGN : Dancing_Wave Server : NA Twice already today when in division with clanmates the Random game does not successfully load. I had to close the game thru "End Task" because even the "X" button of the game does not work. When I open up the game again, it brings me back already to the Random game. It takes a bit time to fully load the game but it puts into the game already with my ship left behind already while others are capping already. I had never experienced this since May and it's odd it had to happen twice already in a span of 1-2 hr