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    Refuse to Play a Games with Subs

    I'd love to see you upost a Replay of your BB being stocked by a stealthy sub and how you manage to dev strike them by using all your mathematical calculations. I know it's [edited] because I'm a very good BB player and playing since Beta. Perhaps you can post Yutube videos to show us noobs how its done?

    Refuse to Play a Games with Subs

    I'm a BB main and I've played almost twice as many battles as you have. You might be speaking from your experience and likely you don't play BBs much. I know this because you make rediculous assumptions like those "tools" LOL. In the previous round of subs they were easier to outrun once I knew which direction they were in but the pings were infrequent. This time around the torps can be 90 knots and insane non stop pinging allows the subs to continue targeting you with pings after you mitigate them. They just keep coming therefore those torps will continue to follow. The other thing is that players are now understanding the sub mechanics. They stay surfaced and play like DDs except they use the ping at the very last minutes. I know this because I played T10 subs for an entire week to prove this point. Yes, a good player who knows how to play their sub can troll a BB indefinately until they are sunk. Listen, I don't care at this point because the game has become so toxic with gimmicks I barely play anymore. If you're playing subs and being killed by BBs than you don't understand how to play them.

    Refuse to Play a Games with Subs

    Not for a while

    Refuse to Play a Games with Subs

    I've played the T10 subs. Bottom line, if you know how to position your sub properly you will be OP. If you directly to where the DDs and cruisers are you will be spotted and dead in less than a minute. Those who know how to watch the map and position their subs can dominate with impunity. i have been able to do this repeatidly. I always select the faster less destructive torpedoes which will always do far more damage and sink more BBs in the endgame. There should be a separate game mode for subs but WG wants to sell lts of premium subs so they willl remain. Just a note: It's just a matter of time before some of these T10 premium "paper" subs will have crazy features like 120 knot torps, 8 front launchers, 4 km conceilment etc. and offered for a special price of $400.00

    Let's talk ping combos

    I prefer two pings after lunch.


    Yup, doesn't show it anymore since last update

    Refuse to Play a Games with Subs

    Not true. I played more battles then he has and I'm currently spending 1/5th of time I used to playing this game. I even took 2 months off straight and it didn't bother me at all. In fact just the opposite. It's really not that fun any more with all the gimmicks these days. I now just play it when I need to waste an hour here and there.

    Question about submarine torpedos

    Homing torpedoes are totally broken. They already have a huge advantage by "homing" and then they add all those features that make them ridiculous only to be told that have half the damage. So I played subs for a few days using Homing torps and guess what? Even with half the damage I can continue to land hits on BBs and do far more damage in the long run.

    New Battle Type: Torpedo Frenzy

    Because you were likely born after 1995.

    New Battle Type: Torpedo Frenzy

    April Fools joke or for real? I think it's a joke

    3 subs per side

    The new subs are not the same. The pings are faster and non stop, the torps (90 ktnot) are insanely fast for homing torps. As a BB I can't dev strike something that I can't see and lastly there's a big difference between a BB and DD. One can submerge. I'm a BB main and I've played the Balao enough to tell you that you are wrong. I managed 19 torp hits the other day. I basically followed 3 BBs who were unescorted. Stayed on the surface, pinged and used the fast torps. If they launched planes I submerged and continued. Sunk 2 BBs. Our experiences may differ but mine exists too so it's real.

    3 subs per side

    The oil slick is only when a sub is damaged. If it's not spotted it can hunt down a slow BB easily and with impunity. The Balao has 90 knot torpedoes now which is nearly impossible to dodge with just a few second warning. Knowing what direction a ping came from was helpful in the past but with the new sub buffs it no longer makes any difference to a BB as those homing torpedoes will get you. I know this because I'm not only a BB main but I've been playing subs this past week after experiencing what I just wrote above. So far what I realized with Balao is that if I look for BBs without any cruisers or DDs nearby I could torp them at will all battle long and there's nothing they could do. Subs belong in their own special battle modes but WG wants the extra revenue from selling premium subs

    The "6 Years of World of Warships" Collection

    Super containers? Playing since open beta and still havn't won a ship yet although I've won plenty of flags I never use.


    The game crashed on me before loading the battle twice this week. In both cases after restarting the game it still wouldn't load the battle and turned my ship pink. In almost every battle these days my screen freezes for 15-20 seconds about 2 min into the battle. It's not my internet, I'm on a 1G connection with 0 packet loss.

    Subs = No money

    Some subs have 90km torps, they can reload every 40 seconds, they are stealth, they can hide under water undetected. Most BBs can't see them or avoid their torpedoes now that they are so damn fast. Pings every few seconds. Looks like WG just found another ship type targeting kids under 12. Seriously, this game has gone to hell without a handbasket and just keeps getting worse. I used to play 25+ hours a week. Now perhaps 2-5 hrs a week but even that seems too much.