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  1. Kimyona_neko

    Still enjoying this game?

    Have no fear, ladies and gentlemen. If you see me sailing in the Cachalot or U-69, you will be fine. Try as I might, if I get 6 torp hits in a match then I'm doing well. Come on over and see if you can sink me with those little orange bb's (as in bb gun) that the ships throw off the sides.
  2. Kimyona_neko

    Stop teamkilling subs!

    Have I done something wrong? My replay folder is empty. I wanted to post it but don't have it. Is there a setting I need to check? Maybe I didn't describe the action well, but my sub looked lifted up, half out the water, stuck on the Furutaka's bow, but not on top of it. I was mashing the C key but went down so slowly due to the forward momentum of the ship. Maybe it was a graphics glitch like when the ships jump out of the water or literally drive up onto the islands. I don't know. I feel 99% confident that it was deliberate. I forgot to mention that they were taking shots at my stern since the spawn. One or two hits but lots of deliberate near misses.
  3. Kimyona_neko

    What the...

    You mean it's not a butter dish?
  4. Kimyona_neko

    Stop teamkilling subs!

    I know there is a lot of hate for subs. To each their own. But please STOP teamkilling your fellows just because you don't like what they're sailing in! Last night, this happened to me. I was in the Cachalot heading for the center cap. Since it's slow as an American BB, I was overtaken by a Furutaka on starboard and Kotovski(spell?) on port. When the enemy appeared across the cap from us, the two ships started taking fire. The Furutaka made a hard turn and T-boned me, lifting the sub up. I couldn't dive. Stuck on his bow, I became a meat shield for him. I asked why and was told "F__k you sub, go f__k off and die." The guy in the Kot turned and hit my stern, keeping me stuck to the Furutaka and taking rounds for him. He said "I hate f__kin subs. Get the f__k out of the game." These were not enemy ships. We were on the SAME SIDE! It would have been different if I was being focus fired on by the red team. But no, they were "team" mates, supposedly fighting the same enemy. This was infuriating! Why? If you don't like subs, then b!tch and complain. But don't you want to win? I did get the last laugh though. The enemy sub sank the Kot and the Furutaka took citadel hits from a BB. I managed to survive the battle, albeit with very low health. Still, it ruined the match for me. I should have written down their in-game names and submitted a complaint, but I was so shocked or surprised at what happened, so I didn't get them. Iss juss a game. Y u heff to be med?
  5. Kimyona_neko

    Aegis: CV question

    I always circle my planes once or twice around the carrier after launch to give the DDs time.
  6. Kimyona_neko

    Sinking ships too soon in Aegis

    Has anyone else noticed this? When close to the exit, and only one or two survivors, one of us would yolo towards the group of enemy ships. This used to draw most of the fire off the transports. It doesn't seem to work anymore. At least in my last few matches. I was also surprised to see the Ashitaka and the extra Fuso show up when the Kongou and Itchy popped up. I seem to remember this happening when we took too long to sink the escorts. But this was soon. Am I remembering correctly? It wasn't on every match but it happened several times.
  7. Kimyona_neko

    Sinking ships too soon in Aegis

    @kgh52 I had this happen last night. Someone actually said to wait, but the team killed the escorting cruisers as soon as they could. And of course, four ships went north for Kongou and Itchy. It was a 3-star match .
  8. Kimyona_neko

    Seeing other player's stats? Seeing own?

    Thanks, Cirran. And yes, they are. My nether region is flame resistant right now. Not sure when that warranty expires, though.
  9. Kimyona_neko

    Give me my historical aircraft paintjobs back!!!

    Thanks y'all. Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like it.
  10. Kimyona_neko

    Give me my historical aircraft paintjobs back!!!

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks this. Thx S_M!
  11. Kimyona_neko

    Whats Wrong With This Picture

    Yeah, the bonus is great. I mean just the aesthetics. I really can't stand most of the camos in the game, especially since there were a lot of cool real ones used in the world wars.
  12. SC? How do we get it?
  13. Kimyona_neko

    Give me my historical aircraft paintjobs back!!!

    But seriously, the planes were fine the way they were. Why were they changed after all this time? There are probably players out there who don't know that planes were actually painted in these schemes before and during WW2. Is WG trying to remove any vestige of historical connection in the game? It seems like it loses any importance (or even interest) over time. I'm a history guy and this makes me sad. I know it's an arcade type game but it's cool to see historical stuff in it.
  14. Kimyona_neko

    Poll : Economic & camouflage separation

    God, I HATE 90% of the stupid camos! How about a few more historic ones?
  15. Thx! I've been out of town for a few days and not keeping up with things.