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  1. Just_Mick_Here

    PQ-17 mission?

    +1 Wondering where to find this mission chain too.
  2. Just_Mick_Here

    WG would you like to sell more permanent camos?

    +1 I would gladly pay 100-200 dubs to make what is now a temporary camo into a permanent one for each ship. I'll admit that I'm a sucker for cool looking camos. Don't care about concealment or dispersion buff, I just want groovy botes.
  3. Just_Mick_Here

    Ships and SCs

    I got GK a couple of weeks ago, and I've gotten at least two more. I think Lazo and maybe Siroco... I forget
  4. Just_Mick_Here

    Guns not firing

    A really dumb, but reasonable workaround for this is to assign a second key to shoot from. It only affects the LMB, so I've assigned my spacebar to fire, and just switch to that when I need to.
  5. Just_Mick_Here

    Guns not firing

    @Ahskance what can we do to help with this bug? It has had a tangible impact on several battle outcomes. Should we file tickets w/ Replay files? PC Config? I know that things like GPU updates can interfere with strange parts of the game. More than willing to share whatever I can to help nail this down. Doesn't seem widespread.
  6. Just_Mick_Here

    Missing Depth Charge and Torp Guide

    Bumping this because this bug seems to be happening again. I'm trying to find out if AMD had an update, but I first noticed it with the 12.3 update. * Yep, it probably started with this update. Revision Number Adrenalin 23.4.3 (WHQL Recommended) File Size 596 MB Release Date 4/27/2023
  7. Just_Mick_Here

    Guns not shooting

    This is really getting bad. I've been in matches that were determined by ships not being able to shoot due to this bug at least 10 times this weekend. It seems to mostly happen to BBs and when they've targeted something with their secondaries.
  8. Just_Mick_Here

    Pan-American Tokens

    I used all my leftovers for the Distant Voyages containers. I'm a sucker for cool perma camos, and that's one of the best ways to get them. You can also sell them back for credits.
  9. Just_Mick_Here

    Guns not shooting

    I have this issue too. 5 minutes or so into a match, my LMB no longer works for anything except to ping the map or ships. I double-click to shoot, the mini-map pings. I've uninstalled all modes, still had the issue. Ran the game repair function in the Game Center, and still have it. Will try a fresh install, but.... I Have replay files I can share if that would be helpful. Will submit a bug report through the website later today.
  10. Just_Mick_Here

    The New Meta

    I'm just here to appreciate ArIskandir's vocabulary and diction. Finding the word "ossified" on a gaming forum was nowhere on my bingo cards, and I checked all of them twice.
  11. Just_Mick_Here

    Missing Depth Charge and Torp Guide

    Bumping this for those who may need it. It appears that the most recent AMD update (22.11.1) has fixed this issue. At least it has for me.
  12. I keep getting this error when i close out of the game. Just started w/ this patch. I use the gaming center to launch. Have tried a reinstall and still get it. It doesn't seem to be affecting gameplay, just passing along.
  13. Just_Mick_Here

    Missing Depth Charge and Torp Guide

    This fixed it. I submitted a ticket through AMD. @Ahskance should I submit to WG too? Thank you for the assist @Grantwhy
  14. Just_Mick_Here

    Missing Depth Charge and Torp Guide

    It is. Let me roll that back real quick. * There's an update waiting. I suppose I should try that one first. ** Nope
  15. Just_Mick_Here

    Missing Depth Charge and Torp Guide

    Thank you, sir. I will reach out to them.