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  1. FinalAP_Ride

    smolensk is unironically a terrible ship now and I regret buying it

    Only the reddit 40%ers and a few russian-hating streamers say that Smolensk is broken or even relevant in the current meta Most people just parrot what other people say and haven't actually played the Smolensk.
  2. FinalAP_Ride

    buff Zao

    HE spammers need no buffs, they serve no purpose except for setting fires and farming worthless damage from max range, just let them rot.
  3. FinalAP_Ride

    Russian CV's are broken

    Yes yes rasha bad, now show us where rasha touched you.
  4. FinalAP_Ride

    New ships apparently

    This level of AA is too much! this insane AA platform straight up powercreeps Halland's AA power! is wg trolling with these values? Gearing has better AA..
  5. FinalAP_Ride

    Admiral Nakhimov Secondary Build?

    Nakhimov is one of the only carriers you can actually citadel from any angle and at most ranges, so no, also why would you ever do that.
  6. FinalAP_Ride


    All good with you OP but the review is worthless, and the problem is the reviewer. That shill will recommend even the biggest, juciest, steaming hot turd ever released because he only plays on 3 man divisions.
  7. FinalAP_Ride

    How to Deal with One-Sided Losses

    There are times when even god divisions can't carry because 3 or 4 players in their team kill themselves/yolo after losing 2 ships, just to go to the next match faster, sadly this isn't punished by WG so it will keep happening.
  8. FinalAP_Ride

    Any word on Russian CV skip bomb change?

    A ruski cv just spammed my Ohio with skip bombers all game, he managed to land 1 bomb, needs massive nerfs for sure.
  9. Ignored the whole part talking about realism because World of Warships is an arcade game, not a simulator, so we don't care about that part. But the part about destroyers making or breaking a game is true, for example: in most cases, the team who has the most japanese destroyers auto loses the game (unless there's a unicum division in their team, then it's a 50/50) this may sound a little biased but it's the harsh truth, the average red shimakaze player is clueless, avoids caps, doesn't spot, flanks vs 12km radar, calls hydro "hacks", doesn't use his guns and always manages to get spotted even though he's playing the tech tree line who has the best concealment at their tier (mostly) and very good speed. Just compare the average shimakaze player vs the average daring/halland/marceau player and you'll find a massive skill gap between them. Of course, unicums can easily make the shimakaze work but we're not talking about the minority (unicums) but the majority (red players). This isn't tied only to destroyers though, battleships have the average yolo kurfurst and cruisers have the average clueless yoshino player, but their cluelessness isn't as impactful as a destroyer's, because good destroyers can win the game 3 minutes in, bad destroyers can lose the game 3 minutes in.
  10. FinalAP_Ride

    Are we approaching Info Overload?

    Yesterday i was playing vs cv + 2x sub + Thunderer and Halland and at some point i thought i was suffering from sensory overload Not only i had to glue my eyes to the minimap to check what was the cv doing (cvs focus battleships a lot more right now, and it makes sense) but also deal with the sub ping spam, while dropping charges on them, while dodging Halland's 95kt torpedoes, while being set on fire by the Thunderer spamming me from 20km away, while angling.. i really wanted to take the detonation flag off and explode on the spot. I had a good opinion about subs in ranked but my god the random experience with them is ALT+F4 worthy.
  11. This is the type of thread you can expect from your average "RASHA BAD" poster, not only misinformed but also completely clueless about what he's supposed to be complaining about, embarrassing.
  12. Censorship is a bad thing but some people really need to have their ability to speak in the forums be taken away, my god, what am i even reading? Is this "person" seriously complaining about WG giving us new battleship, for free? a battleship that will replace the GK? didn't you say GK was bad? But hey, gotta complain about anything huh, what's next? complaining about the new water physics next patch? pathetic.
  13. FinalAP_Ride

    New line

    The first tech tree cruiser line that gets my interest me after all these years, based WG.
  14. FinalAP_Ride

    Why I won't do the Aircraft Bureaus Rivalry event

    One of the most pathetic threads i've ever witnessed, might as well be honest and say that you hate anything related to Russia beause their ideology goes against yours, at least it would sound a little more believable.
  15. CCs? double edged sword? not even close. Even if WG had kicked them out of the CC program, instead of them childishly leaving one by one, these people would still keep playing while promoting WoWs indirectly because some of them made a living out of WoWs and they simply don't want to let go of the $$$ (like WG, they love money, crazy huh? they're not a company though), you can still see many of these individuals complaining day after day even about the most ridiculous things while farming ad revenue on their youtube uploads (mostly react videos while yelling on the mic: "WG bad!", of course, the sheeps will go and click the video and give said individual even more ad revenue) and with donations and subscribers with a smile on their faces, just remember: WG owes nothing to these people, instead you could say that WG made them who they are.