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  1. blackwing9494

    Improving Average Player Skill

    I'm a new player. 2 month and counting. I love the game. I started WoW to play with my grandson (who lives across the country) on weekends. I'm retired and can play anytime and all the time. I have money to spend, but recognize the need (and the fun) to understand and master the ships I have rather than buying my way to tier X. I'm working the IJN DD line to start with. I too am frustrated trying to find instructive content, advice beyond the beginner stuff, and mentors. I would like to see WoW put out more advanced training videos. My grandson and I also played "Magic the Gathering" for a while. Magic provides instructive games where they teach you one skill at a time. You can't progress until you master that basic skill. I would like to see (for example) a training game where it's you, 6 other green ships that are running around randomly, and one red ship, on a small map. You have to torpedo the red ship while not hitting any green ships. You can't advance until you complete this scenario. Something like that. I think the campaign tasks encourage players in lower tiers to be out for themselves, rather the engage in team play. "I NEED 6 torpedo strikes, I don't care if we capture the cap, and I'm going to throw torpedo's in every direction (and hit green)." I would like to see campaign tasks that reward team play, rather than individual play. I do have one beginner question, are there allot of player working together, with voice communication going on behind the scene? My Grandson and I have a zoom session going on while we play. That really helps us communicate during the game. I just need to teach an 11 yr old which way is Port/left. "No, your OTHER left!" :-) Love the game.
  2. blackwing9494

    STOP WITH THE @$#%$#&#! Double CV games

    First post. I'm pretty new to the game (2-3 months) so the double CV game is the norm for me. I'm trying to learn to play DD's. First, I run out and spot for my team and light up the red on my side, then I turn tail and run. I'm practicing keeping the enemy just out of detect range while I try to skirt the edge of the map and slip in behind the lines to go for a CV kill. Kinda fun trying to stay out of ship and plane detect. Then it's bob-n-weave as the CV see's me coming in. That's usually to late for the CV. I haven't gotten 2 CV kills in a game yet, but I have several 1 CV kills. I'm working on it. Am I leaving my team in the lurch by going for the CV's after spotting? All advice appreciated.