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  1. blackwing9494

    Subs/Homing Torps Need Major Nerfing

    Just checking in to see the state of the game. Looks like it hasn't changed. I quit playing because of subs. It's just not fun playing against them. I was a whale. 220 ships, sixteen 21 pt captains, I was having fun and spending money every month until subs came along. Why spend time or pay money on game that is no longer fun. * Your mileage may vary.
  2. blackwing9494

    PSA Server down for maintenance.

    I can't log on. 9:00 ETS. It is downloading an update though. OK, after update I can log on. 9:05 ETS.
  3. Could just be a new group of sysadmins doing the maintenance. We still don't know what internal machinations happened in the last couple of months at WG.
  4. blackwing9494

    People quitting the game

    How about.... Don't quit. Play allot!!! Play all time. Use up server cycles, server cooling costs, internet bandwidth (that costs WG plenty I'm sure). Play and play and play. But don't spend any money. That's what will promote change that the player base wants more than any other tactic. Play a ton, but close your wallet. You may actually become a better player as you'll have to grind longer for the things you want (that's what is happening to me). I was a whale (4K$ last year) but have gone "play for free" for the last couple of months. I'm still having fun, and saving money. I do miss being able to buy my way through or buying new stuff, but I have over 200 ships and several 21 point captains. I'm keeping plenty busy, for free. If WG changes it's tune and actually listens to the player base, I'll start spending again. But until then, play for free. Come on... say it with me, "Play for Free"..... once again... "PLAY FOR FREE"..... You! In the back! I can't hear you.... :-)
  5. blackwing9494

    People quitting the game

    Question about the charts of players per day. I made a second account that is still in it's first 200 games. Almost every random game I play with that account at tier 4 is me, in a team with all bots, playing against maybe one other player on a red team with all bots. Do those bots show up on the charts as actual players? That's like a 10 to 1 ratio of actual players? That would mean the charts of artificially inflated compared to the actual number or real people playing.
  6. blackwing9494

    People quitting the game

    My long distance playing partner for 1 year (my Grandson) is quitting WOWS. He's tired of how difficult the game has gotten with subs, super ships, and 2 cv games, as have I. So we're looking at stellaris as a game we can play together. I fund his account and mine. WOWS is loosing 2 revenue streams. It seems like they are purposely driving the game into the ground. I really don't understand.
  7. blackwing9494


    When I get into the queue, if there are more then 5 or 6 CVs in the queue, I exit and go play a different game.
  8. I would love to spend some money on the game, but I'm still waiting for this thread to provide some answers. Come on WG, please give us an update.
  9. blackwing9494

    Welcome to Premium Plus!

    I bet you're tired of those 2 CV games our spreadsheet says are so much fun. I bet you're fed up with the whole Submarine thing. I bet you're wondering why we introduced these wonderfully innovative features into World of Warships. Well, wonder no more. Welcome to "Premium Plus"! No more CVs. No more Submarines. Just surface ships against surface ships, and with all new maps! For just 10,000 Dinar you can get a Premium Plus account and play the game you always wanted to play. (Details on how you can win Dinars by purchasing "Premium Plus Containers" will be in the next developers blog).
  10. The number of tech tree ships I have are starting to catch up to the number of premium ships I have now that I'm not spending money on WOWS. I'm learning to play for free. This will continue until we get some definitive news from WG. Wallet closed.
  11. I'm still waiting for a clarification "from Wargaming" on the status of the company and where the money goes. My wallet is closed and will remain closed until we get more information. I want to hear official words from Wargaming.
  12. Where will the money go if I buy WOWS products? Until someone from Wargaming answers that question, my wallet will remain closed.
  13. blackwing9494

    this game is more than just a game

    This is a game you cannot win. In other words, there is no final prize, or finish line to cross to show that you're done. It's a game where you win some and you loose some, often in equal measure. It's like a pick up game of football/soccer/baseball where you don't know any of the other players. If you win, that's great. But you're playing because you enjoy the game. People who want to win all the time will always get upset playing this game. They're not having fun if they're not winning. And they will usually blame others for their losses. That's just the kind of people they are. Those are the players you can ignore. Nothing you can do will ever make them happy. You can block them in the game chat. You can block them in this forum. I hope you have fun and enjoy the game. Best of luck. :-)
  14. Maybe that new player, who just bought their first and only T10 ship.... will be on the red team......
  15. blackwing9494

    Disappointed Dirigible Derby is Tier X only

    I'm grinding captains, not tech tree ships right now. I wonder if Dirigible Derby will help. Asymmetric battles sure did.