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  1. These are fantastic archival photos!
  2. Javamensch

    Submarine Battle Trim (IMHO)

    Most all (but especially the US Submarines) need to be 'battle trimmed'. A Submarine Captain usually trimmed his boat on the surface, especially in a combat zone, so that he could dive his boat in the shortest time possible. It also usually minimized the phosphorescent wake of the water being pushed aside at speed and also prevented porpoising the boat in swells. It had very little of the hull showing and usually had the deck awash in anything but calm seas. As an aside, I noticed the later model U-Boats (tier VIII?) have a unique hourglass cut in the deck for'd of the conning tower that seems impractical. I wonder if it was a design to minimize the bow wave phosphorescence..
  3. Javamensch

    Premium Ship Review: HMAS Perth

    I like HMAS Perth. She's a fun ship as long as you don't bite more than you can chew. Almost squidelicious. (Shinrakyu Ika Musume)
  4. Javamensch

    USS Sims - Details (X-Turret)

    Nice finds! I took a wild guess about weight since I never noticed this before. I also noticed that the 3D game model and maybe DD422 photo that the turret is also slightly shorter lengthwise as well. Thanks for the reply and pics Wolf1/Boomer625!
  5. I've been admiring the modeling details on the ships. I think that the USS Sims X-turret looks like it has a canvas covering with the internal frame supports. Is this what it appears? If so, it's a great little detail on US Destroyer design. It would be fascinating to know what and how that very rare turret design on that destroyer came about. According to pics I've seen, USS Sims (DD-409) had an open gun in X position. If it's hypothetical, What made the designers/modelers decide on this? Lowered top weight aft? And kudos to WoW's ship modelers. The detail, paint schemes and weathering is admirable and superb. (I glanced what I think is an engraved plaque on the aft superstructure on one of the ships)
  6. Happy Canada Day Little White Mouse! 

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      Thank you.  My country has some soul searching to do.

    2. Javamensch


      yw,.. mmm, ..we need a witch doctor.

      . The Canadians that I've met in my econo-bicycle-travels have always been friendly, nice, talkative and courteous..then again most that travel from anywhere usually have that mindset. :)

  7. Is there a way to have your gunsight set to your preferred magnification? I have a preferred setting and though it's not intolerable (until I forget and fire not realizing I didn't change it and miss) It gets annoying to keep on changing it before each battle. Thanks! PS Great game, beautiful ship models! \o/