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  1. Jagerbomb_2021

    BXP in coop

    I got my highest BXP in a co-op the other night and it was a 9 human team. I've gotten a few over 1000 but had some bots on the team.
  2. Jagerbomb_2021

    SIck to death of ALWAYS being impossibly outgunned

    I switched to co-op a few months ago since I suck in randoms. I love being bottom tier in my tier VIII Cleveland. I play Tier 5 through 8 and consistently place top 3 regardless of Tier placement. I only play cruisers so that helps since I have the speed to get to the front line. Most of my ships are U.S. cruisers so apart from the Omaha, none of them have torpedoes. Heres an example of one of my better games last night.
  3. Jagerbomb_2021

    Anemic HE shells

    Thanks. I never noticed that
  4. Jagerbomb_2021

    Anemic HE shells

    I was hitting mainly the superstucture. I could not get in a position to try and use AP at more of a broadside. We were in a relatively confined area and so trying to get in a better position would have meant disengaging and trying to go around an island. Considering it's just co-op I figured I'd just slug it out until I died. I was working on the '300 hit ribbons' for the german battleship container so that proved to be an easy task to complete in 1 game.
  5. Jagerbomb_2021

    Anemic HE shells

    I just got out of a co-op match and was firing HE at close range into a X G Kurfurst from my Cleveland. I landed 246 main battery hits and only received 29098 damage. I play Cleveland a lot and don't ever recall that dismal of a performance. It works out to roughly 120 damage points per shell. Any ideas of why the damage was so low?
  6. Jagerbomb_2021

    Coal or Rental?

    I believe this was just done away with.
  7. Jagerbomb_2021

    Helena the Beautiful! 2 cv's in one game.

    I love Helena. I mainly use her in co-op these days because she's down-tiered too much. I have an 18 pt captain in her and over 700,000 XP in her. I also have the Cleveland with an almost identical captain and 800K XP.
  8. Jagerbomb_2021

    Salem or Napoli?

    I hate to hijack this thread but it's a related question. I have enough coal to get either ship but for the Napoli I would only have access to the 3 point captain that comes with her. I have 2 17 point captains that I use for my Helena and Cleveland. I pretty much stick to co-op these days after doing lousy in randoms. I also have a 10 point German captain. I currently have around 265,000 elite commander XP but i doubt that would do much to get a 3 pointer up to where my American captains are. Does the Napoli require a high point captain before doing well?
  9. Jagerbomb_2021

    Premium ships and captains

    Thank you everyone for your replies
  10. Jagerbomb_2021

    Premium ships and captains

    I'm looking at either the Mainz or Munchen. I don't do well in Randoms so I mainly play co-op or operations. I've played the US CL up to Cleveland and IJN to Furutaka. I like playing cruisers but I'm wanting to try my hands with torpedos which is more feasible in those modes without getting deleted quickly.
  11. Jagerbomb_2021

    Premium ships and captains

    A month back I bought a 5 pack of battle of Jutland containers and one of the items I got was the BB Konig Albert and a 10pt captain. I'm interested in buying a premium German cruiser that comes with a 3pt captain.. Would I be able to use the captain from the K. Albert in the cruiser without retraining cost?