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  1. UnknownStrategy

    Captain Skills In-game

    No. But I've seen mods that can (in Aslains).
  2. UnknownStrategy

    Birthday Coupons

    Cool thanks
  3. UnknownStrategy

    Birthday Coupons

    Is this still a necessary requirement (from 2021 news)? If so, where do I find it in account management (I think I disabled it when I registered)?
  4. UnknownStrategy

    SI + EHA vs RPF for RN DDs

    Yes I'm currently grinding though the line and should have Jutland in like 2 weeks maybe.
  5. UnknownStrategy

    SI + EHA vs RPF for RN DDs

    Currently on the lightning. I'm almost to 14 points on my commander and was thinking should I go for SI and Extra Heavy Ammo for more healing/damage when I get Jutland and Daring or RPF for more info? What is more recommended?
  6. Cool. Another question, would you recommend RPF or SI for a 13/14 pt commander? I know Jutland/Daring only get 2 heals, but the added knowledge is also important. What do you recommend?
  7. I'm on the Lightning right now (liking it so far). Just wondering or is it just the Daring?
  8. UnknownStrategy

    Hitting Enter keeps making me switch screen types.

    Alright. Thanks.
  9. Occasionally, when I hit enter, it switches from full screen to windowed and vice versa. Then it fixes itself later. Has anyone else had this problem before and is there a fix to it?
  10. UnknownStrategy


  11. Sounds like anti-cv rework main
  12. UnknownStrategy

    What tf happened to wows-numbers

    Also, it was caused by server issues. Should be fixed now I think.
  13. UnknownStrategy

    What tf happened to wows-numbers

    Its back now. Apparently. Edit: Nevermind. I think it is still broken cause by battle count is over 1000 and it shows 750.
  14. UnknownStrategy

    What tf happened to wows-numbers

    It has been there for since I started using the site (abt 4 months ago). I dont see why it would suddenly be deleted. Just because the API is dying doesn't mean its fully gone