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  1. VtK_Victor

    Damage or Penetration ?

    Yeah, the Warships Community is the best Community, haha. I'll keep these tests. Thanks for the welcome.
  2. VtK_Victor

    Damage or Penetration ?

    Yeah, it did a hell of a difference on AP. Because most of the time, the belt was unable to ricochet the shell, so it penetrated, and did a hell of a damage. Today I sunk every cruiser I meet with my Gaede, and it was pretty fun. The penetration was good when I faced good players, they were very good angled and positioned, so Penetration did a good diference. But, when it came to bad players, like people who rushed hard and went broadside to my Destroyer () the damage skills increased a lot the damage, I mean really a lot. I went to 700 to 1200 per shot. So, I think that it comes to the player you're facing, if he's broadside, or bad angled the shell will penetrate anyway, so damage skills are a good choise (and when you're using HE shells), but when you're facing good players penetration skills comes a way handy. So, Thank you guys. I just spent the whole morning testing it and got these results. Greetings from the Legends. Btw, PC Warships looks like a way better to play, I'm getting a new PC soon, so I'm gonna join the community. Peace!
  3. VtK_Victor

    Damage or Penetration ?

    Yeah, I think so. Maybe we on consoles are screwed up, a little, with these kind of differentiantion that the game has. Thank you for your reply.
  4. VtK_Victor

    Damage or Penetration ?

    Sounds good, mate. I was thinking the same, because sometimes you can have a penetration or over-penetration without dealing damage. If it's a bug, I don''t know either...
  5. Hello everyone, greetings from the Warships Legends Community, my name is Victor and I have a question to you all. I think Wargaming didn't changed the game that much, so the Legends may be very close the to Warships. That being said, I would like to ask: "Which is more important on a Commander: the Increase Damage or Increase Penetration?" I'm still on Low tiers like Tier 6 with the Gaede (my fav DD and the thickest caliber Destroyer) and I just choose Erich Bey to increase Concealment, Philippe Auboyneau to increase HE damage and Anton Gurin to increase AP penetration. But, when it comes to Battleships, I really don't know what exactly to do. Or select Ciliax to increase the AP damage or select Jaujard to increase the AP penetration. I hope you can clarify this question for me, as for the new players. By the way, greetings from the Warships Legends Community. Feel free to play with us someday. Peace!