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  1. it would be easier getting these tokens if premium-only lines got added as well. More shiplines = more chances for low skilled people collecting stars (or tokens) It's the same concept like skirmish has. Now imagine none of your clan members had any of these ships but your clan had to compete against a clan having all of these premium ships.
  2. Maviba

    Brandenburg...How Can It Be Used

    It's suposed to be Bismarck class battleship (based on sekrit russian achive foundings) ;-) It's got nothing to do with scharnhorst. It's more like a tirpitz but having less HP and 305s instead of 380's so your targets will be cruisers, broadsiding BB, and you're supposed to HE spam alot because of getting uptiered.
  3. Because of them not being part Tech tree lines. Only (already fully released) ships being part of a tech tree line are entitled to earn tokens. Otherwisw it would be unfair against those who don't own any premium ship. Propably because of christmas business incoming.
  4. Maviba

    IFHE on the Pommern?

    You can, but you don't need to. My only german BB having IFHE is Bismarck and the new german Battelcruiserline (because of it's 88s not having quarter pen). IFHE for BB is pretty cheap, so some extra punch for the 105s (and 88s) could be useful against bow-on BB and cruisers. It's a nice to have. But it's only adviseable on full-ham builds (all or nothing), and are you willing to waste your ship for 20-30 seconds of secondary action? If you're planning to stay longer in battles, better use these 2 points along with other points for survivability perks
  5. Maviba

    Well played WG....

    I don't see your issue. Brandenburg is nothing special, and it's far away from powercreeping Tirpitz or Bismarck. It's firepower is similar to that of tirpirz, so you really don't need a Brandenburg if you already have a Bismarck, Odin or Tirpitz. It's secondary is exactliy the same, torpedo tubes brake often, Rear Main turrets have a bad angel, it's got less HP than Bismarck class and have fun fighting this thing against a Pommern or any T10 BB. It's just a 'service' for all these complaining wehraboos. Brandenburg is a nice to have, but not a must-have.
  6. Oh please, don't tell me something about feedback in terms of wargaming. I was a supertester for more than 3 years and among other things i quit the program last moth because of our feedback being so 'valuable'. Unless they may golden it, they give a crapon cunstructive feedback, especially once it come to UX in game. They used to take feedback serious, but those days are gone. Now most time, they do exactly the opposite of things people suggest.
  7. Maviba

    German Battleship Reward?

    It looks nice on your profile. that's all ;-)
  8. Who'd have thought that someone might complain about this game after all WG did to it during the last years ;-)
  9. Maviba

    How go get Missouri

    Still better than this current lootbox-scam And considering you had to grind for the old Missouri as well it's ok for me
  10. You may also buy Dubloons via Phone call.
  11. Actually nothing new, but an interesting timing for coming to the WG-communitie's attention as well ;-)
  12. WG creates toxic content and throws it in the game. That way WG encourages toxic behaviour. Plus WG choses who's gonna be CC and who's not. So of course they're responsible for toxic CC's
  13. Maviba

    Yuro calls CC's monkeys

    Calling (Ex-)CCs monkeys is the least issue he's facing now, he said much worse things to others and I doubt WG can ignore that ;-)
  14. Probably you're right. As long WG doesn't lose an money because of this, they won't care. Either they are going to say "sorry" and try sweeping it under the carpet, or the might act like a spoiled brat and maybe even end the CC program. Since WG is trying to convince major streamer to play WoWs, this might be a possible result. But at this point the CC's mass resignment might have an affect in terms of these plans. A lot of streamers don't just look at the money but also at their partners image. And wargaming is currently completely demolishing its reputation, and since they're apparently unter investigation (suspected of money laundering), PR desasters like this might come to the public way easier. At current state WG is neither trustworthy nor reliable. So doing business with WG might be a bit risky at the moment if you care for your reputation.