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  1. SeaLord_MacKraken

    Credits earned by ships

    This is great! Thank you!!! If anyone is looking for a link - here it is: https://wows.mv-smirnov.org/en/mxstat/
  2. SeaLord_MacKraken

    Credits earned by ships

    Hello everyone! Is there a way to check how much credits each of your ships earned? E.g. Ship A played 10 battles, earned 1M credits Ship B played 20 battles, earned 10M credits. Obviously, flags and camo matter, but such statistics would be very helpful, for example, to see if a specific tech tree ship earned enough to pay for itself. Or not. Also that would help to identify personalized top-earning ships, cause stats would vary ship to ship and player to player. Thank you!
  3. SeaLord_MacKraken

    Skipping T9s?

    It's not about skipping ALL T9s entirely. It's about skipping SOME least enjoyable T9s, from the point of view of veterans who have already levelled up several lines. E.g. as was shared above MINOTAUR, SEATTLE and BUFFALO seems to be a less fun than T8s and T10s of their lines. Maybe there are others. Also, as I'm at T9 at some lines already, I'd respectfully disagree that these ships teach something so new and unique that this IS the reason to play T9s. Most cruisers get heal at T9, but that's about it. And this is not a new concept for anyone who played BBs or RN CLs or some other ships. Radars appear at T8 (tech tree) - also not something uniquely T9-ish. And most opponents are the same, except T6s - which are not something T9s usually see. I think if someone can carry the game on a T8 against T9-10, that player will be just fine at T10 with a more powerful ship after several battles, without the need of grinding each and every T9 in the tech lines.
  4. SeaLord_MacKraken

    Skipping T9s?

    Here I'm skipping entire line, not just T9 ship :) Powercreep is real.
  5. SeaLord_MacKraken

    Skipping T9s?

    That's a very good point, sir! Neptune was on my potential skip list for other reasons, such as gigantic citadel, worse maneuverability than Mino. Neptune doesn't offer anything unique to the gameplay. Also retraining high-tier commander after grinding any T9 ship would cost a lot of commander XP, which could be better used elsewhere. So Neptune is firmly on the skip list. Thank you!
  6. SeaLord_MacKraken

    Skipping T9s?

    THAT is a very interesting comparison. Thank you sir! Interestingly, ZF-6 is 3-rd worst choice by win rate. If anyone is still contemplating on buying her..
  7. SeaLord_MacKraken

    Skipping T9s?

    That is because upgrades for T9 and T10 are the same: 6 slots to fill for both.
  8. SeaLord_MacKraken

    Skipping T9s?

    It seems like most of tech tree T9s with all upgrades often cost more than T10s of the same line. For example, with maximum clan's discount on ships cost of the T9s with all upgrades exceeds the cost of T10s, that get stock modules that are already as good as they can get (most of the time). Skipping T9 for FXP saves time for grinding and credits for buying. But of cause getting FXP takes more time than leveling up one ship. On the other hand game economy works in such way that it becomes more difficult to earn credits playing higher tier ships. So it may take a really, really long time for a T9 to pay for itself, let alone make money to buy a T10. So using FXP to skip T9s entirely may seem like a viable alternative for the cases when T9 is also not a particularly good ship, and keeping it doesn't sound exciting. Also from gaming experience T8s when uptiered face the same ships as T9s and T10, so in terms of learning something T9s don't offer that much. There are of cause good T9s that stand out, some probably even outshining their T10. E.g. they say that FLETCHER is a better T9 than GEARING is at T10. Some like ALSACE more than REPUBLIC, etc. Or T9s could be just as good, e.g. KITAKAZE or JUTLAND seems great for their tier and worth keeping. Question is: if skipping T9s for FXP is a good idea for some lines, what ships would you skip, and which are best to keep? Thank you!
  9. SeaLord_MacKraken


    Oh, that's good to know. So resetting the lines should rather be done rather for the those I would enjoy grinding again, not those I had not much fun with. That tips the scale back to AGIR now :) since ALASKA was removed before I had a chance to get it, AGIR is probably the best ship FXP can buy.
  10. SeaLord_MacKraken


    I've just got NELSON for FXP, and was considering next FXP ship. AGIR seems like the best choice available, with all her limitations. However, FXP could be used to skip a tier, as from what I've heard ROON is not an enjoyable experience. Besides, fully spec-ed ROON with upgrades and modules costs more than T10. Why bother? Using much less FXP to skip T9 and get straight to T10, than to buy a T9 AGIR may also look like a good proposition. From the other hand (IDK how many hands are there) - AGIR is a premium ship and in a long run earns much more than HINDY with her T10 maintenance cost. Since there's no consensus here and both ships are pretty good (or bad - depending on perspective) I may get both eventually. So far I'm leaning towards HINDY, because she's easier to get, and if I don't like her - I'll at least be able to reset this line to get research bureau points.
  11. SeaLord_MacKraken


    Very interesting point! Thank you!
  12. SeaLord_MacKraken


    ...which is why I asked this question :)
  13. SeaLord_MacKraken


    Which of these ships is stronger/better choice for random battles in current meta: AGIR or HINDENBURG? Consider match making is the same, against T10-T9s.
  14. SeaLord_MacKraken

    Ship sale price in permanent camo

    Is resale price of a tech tree ship in permanent camo higher than the same ship without a permanent camo? Before you ask why would anyone in the right mind want to sell a ship in permanent camo, here's the use case. Let's say we've got Z-31 without a camo. There's a way to get a permanent camo by spending tokens. But tokens could be spent on something else instead of the permanent camo. For example, they could be cashed out. Exact amount is not that important, but let's assume that is 1.5M. If we mount permanent camo worth 1.5M credits on the ship and then sell it - would the ship with permanent camo cost more? E.g. at least half of the initial cost. Or not? In which case, if that ship is only a stepping stone to the next tier, and the price in perm.camo is the same as without it, it would economically make more sense to skip perm.camo entirely and play the ship "naked" or in temporary camo until she levels up, and cash out tokens for something else. Especially if the ship is not worth keeping to play it forever. Thank you!
  15. SeaLord_MacKraken

    Amazon Prime Gaming vs WOWS Premium

    Thank you!