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    Why I won't do the Aircraft Bureaus Rivalry event

    Cool video! Glanced at some of their other stuff, and it looks like I've found a new set of videos to waste my time with... But is it fair to compare an upgraded 1940s design to a purpose-built nuclear-powered missile battlecruiser from 4 decades later as an example of how Russian warships stack up against their American counterparts? What's next, are we going to compare a Balao with an Alfa? Or why don't we throw a couple Sidewinders on a P-80 and see how it stacks up against a MiG-29... The video even mentions that the New Jersey isn't necessarily the best ship for these comparisons, but they use it because it's what they have. Now if it were comparing, say, a Kidd-class DDG with a Sovremenny-class destroyer, then that'd be another story. The Weser has more basis in reality than any of the Red Fleet CVs and most other paper ships, as it was an almost-complete Admiral Hipper-class cruiser that had minor conversion work started before Germany abandoned surface vessels in 1943. Of course, if they were going to do CV lines based on real ships, we should've seen a (mostly-paper) French line before getting German CVs, because they had the Béarn. And even then they called it a "heavy aviation cruiser" to bend the rules of the treaty regarding Turkey's control of access to the Black Sea. Because of those treaty limitations, I think it would have been unlikely for the USSR to have built ships like those in WeeGee's fantasy CV line, even if they had the desire, need, and capability to construct aircraft carrying vessels. I think it would've been more likely for them to have constructed hybrids like the Ise and Tone.
  2. Show me an official source that invalidates it. If it's old and outdated, then they would've unpinned or deleted it.
  3. "If you're fairly certain you've encountered a bug, we'd like to encourage you to submit it to the Game Support section of the WoWS ticket queues"
  4. LitanyPurgatus

    DevStrike not being awarded

    Unfortunately, no. But the attached replay and screenshots should clearly show that the criteria of Within a period of 5 seconds using any armament, deal damage amounting to at least 50% of an enemy ship's normal HP and destroy the ship were all met in this situation.
  5. LitanyPurgatus

    DevStrike not being awarded

    The attached screenshots are clearly taken moments apart, so satisfy the 5 second rule. My damage before impact: 6,812 My damage after impact: 30,494 Net damage: 23,682 Atago normal HP: 40,100 23,682 is more than 20,050 (half of the Atago's health).
  6. So, I've noticed that the Devastating Strike achievement doesn't seem to be awarded consistently. I just had a game where I should have received the achievement if I'm understanding Devastating Strike correctly. At just after 3 minutes into the game, I fire at an Atago as shown in the images and replay. The Atago has a fire that was set by another ship, but it clearly has over half of its health remaining when my shells connect, and my shot was the only one involved at the time of destruction. This is confirmed by comparing the Atago's remaining health with my damage numbers before and after impact. 20210829_070130_PFSB107-Lyon_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  7. LitanyPurgatus

    Premium subs - which subs?

    "Y'all complain too much about CVs and now subs, so we're going to give you the hybrid submarine aircraft carrier!"
  8. LitanyPurgatus

    Here...Kitty Kitty Kitty...

    Looks like someone's got the eye of the tiger.
  9. LitanyPurgatus

    Warship Size Comparison: Aircraft Carriers

    The only missing non-paper ships currently in-game are Franklin D. Roosevelt (but there's no point in including two Midway-class ships in a comparison) and Weser, but that was an incomplete conversion from an Admiral Hipper-class cruiser as opposed to the purpose-built (but incomplete) Graf Zeppelin. I don't believe that Weser's flight deck was ever installed, and I assume that's why the video includes Graf Zeppelin but not Weser.
  10. Well, let's take a look at some stats, using mine for an example: As of writing this, I've played 1,413* Random Battles**. I also have 11 "Detonation" achievements. That's approx. one every 128 games. I've died in 1,070*** games, so that means that roughly 1 out of 97 deaths were by detonation. "But," you say, "you're a BB main, and they aren't as vulnerable as DDs!" and that would be correct. I don't have full stats on all of my detonations, but my last one was in the Gangut. So, what if we remove that one from the count and then only count my DD games? I have 117 games in DDs, and removing the Gangut detonation leaves me with ten detonations. Averaging one out of (almost) 12 games still doesn't seem too bad to me, and that's assuming that I've only detonated in DDs. A DD main would have more accurate numbers here, of course. Doesn't seem too bad to me. Feel free to look at your own achievements and see just how many times it's actually happened to you. *The number is actually higher, but I removed CVs because they can't detonate. **I'm not including Ranked because I almost always use det flags there. ***Again, not including CV stats.
  11. LitanyPurgatus

    Finally! Got Past That Awful Kansas

    AP shell weights of various American BBs, according to the wiki: Kansas: 920kg Colorado: 1016kg Minnesota: 1100kg North Carolina and Iowa: 1225kg
  12. LitanyPurgatus

    Finally! Got Past That Awful Kansas

    Both use the same 16"/45 guns. The Minnesota's shells are slightly heavier, though.
  13. Since we have the ability to choose which port we use when we're in port, I think it would be a neat little feature if we could choose to get a random port each time we log in. Sure, it's a minor cosmetic thing, but I assume that it wouldn't take much effort to implement.
  14. LitanyPurgatus

    Kaiserliche Marine flag

    There are a few countries which ban the hammer and sickle, but
  15. LitanyPurgatus

    So wargaming Russian CVs when o.O

    The MiG-15's first flight occurred between the launch and commissioning of both the Des Moines and Worcester. Maybe a touch late for the game, but it could be justified.