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  1. Yes, I read this. However, there is no way to inflict any damage to a ship's HP via underwater HE near-misses. Your cited historical examples clearly inflicted damage onto the hull of the ship and also did not destroy those ships instantly via magazine detonation. The way a near miss HE causes a detonation implies a ship with no hull damage or breach whatsoever, has its magazines ignited directly from a nearby HE underwater detonation.
  2. How can an explosion underwater 10 metres away from the hull of a ship which causes no penetration to the hull or damage whatsoever, cause that ship's munition magazines to detonate?
  3. TheHolyAsdf

    Modern Torpedo Defences

    Historically, torpedoes have demonstrated to be deadly in world war II and to counter it, ships would mostly either avoid it or let torpedo bulges tank the damage. I was wondering, given torpedoes nowadays are now guided, if there are any modern countermeasures for a modern frigate or destroyer to deal with one. This can either by avoiding it, disrupting it, destroying it or tanking it.
  4. The fact that this can happen is just straight up stupid
  5. I noticed it happen once where I landed a HE BB shell nearby a destroyer I was targeting and wondered if it was some kind of glitch or if I didn't see the impact. There were no hit ribbons registered
  6. I have this option turned off because I find it disruptive sometimes. However, every now and then, I wind up beaching myself and dying because it's very easy to ignore the terrain collision alarm. Do folks generally keep this on/off?
  7. TheHolyAsdf

    I like brawls!

    The queues are very long if you're a cruiser or battleship. At peak times, there's be 50 cruisers and battleships waiting and zero destroyers in queue, so I always pick DD for brawls and try avoid enemy DD and go straight for their BB from the flank or behind.
  8. TheHolyAsdf

    Woe is me...the salt is strong tonight

    I lost ten games in a row in Gneisenau the other week. I came top 5 xp earner for all but one game.
  9. TheHolyAsdf

    The Weekly Review: Gneisenau

    Been sailing Gneisenau alot and yah, she's about okay. Not particularly friendly to those impatient or new. Those secondaries really aren't that great and will not make much of a meaningful difference. The speed is good, six main armanents is not so good at all. Torpedoes are rarely useful but if you find yourself point blank brawling, they will tip things in your favour.
  10. TheHolyAsdf

    In-Game Chat Ban: Did a little too much trolling

    If power is given to the self perceived victims, then I don't mind pretending to be one
  11. TheHolyAsdf

    In-Game Chat Ban: Did a little too much trolling

    Well, it's not really my responsibility to see to it you have fun. I can purport an attitude that's really fun for me at the expense of your temperament. You might argue that this is unclassy, but we're already metaphorically engaging such activities by blowing each other's warships or playing as a CV. One has fun at the expense of others
  12. TheHolyAsdf

    In-Game Chat Ban: Did a little too much trolling

    It is both an obstensibly indifferent and carthatic experience
  13. TheHolyAsdf

    In-Game Chat Ban: Did a little too much trolling

    I like to vary my personality more in online communities since the social pressure to behave in real life isn't as present.
  14. TheHolyAsdf

    In-Game Chat Ban: Did a little too much trolling

    Well i don't know where they are and it's why my original post is asking about it :)