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  1. SpudCatcher

    Which T10 Ship Works Best in Dirigible Derby?

    I been playing my only Tier 10 ship, a Thunderer I won in a Christmas container, anyway it can work great if you avoid torps and the last minute squeeze play. I hope the lower the Tier range next go round!!!!
  2. Took a chance on 20 Mega's and only got a bunch of camos, signals, 5000 total GB, 10500 steel and 3 ships... ANSHAN TIGER 59 THUNDERER!!!!
  3. I tried that and the FPS started fluctuating between 65 and 75? But with it off it stays a steady 73/75. But I went back and set everything like I had it as something started making the screen flicker badly, but only while I was in Port, while playing the game it didn't flicker? Changing the settings back and a restart fixed most of the flickering but not all. Any ideas why the screen would flicker only while in Port?
  4. Yes, Gsync is On if that is what you meant and the monitor is set to 144hz with Game Mode in FPS on a Viewsonic Elite 27
  5. I thought my old rig would bog down with the new graphics but it didn't take a hit at all running max settings, I have a 2012 system I built with i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz/3.80 GHz, SSD drive, 16gb ram and a Asus GTX 1650 super and it still runs the max 75FPS on a 1440 monitor@144Hz. I tried changing the registry max frames setting to 144 but it still stays at 75FPS, I even lowered the graphics setting way down and still didn't get over 75FPS, am I missing something?
  6. SpudCatcher

    Five years and likely >$800 spent. No more.

    Only been a player for 6 months or so and I have bought a handful of premiums, but upon hearing how they treat the CC's I pledge to not spend ANOTHER Cent/Kopek with wargaming and will let my premium account subscription expire too. Wargaming will have to mend there ways before I spend anymore.
  7. SpudCatcher

    What is an Event Commander?

    OK, I went and got a Tier 1 Hashidate because I had gotten rid of it but still I can't find my Dasha??? I'm sure I bought her but I can't find a place where I can find my purchase history? I don't see anything in my wallet. EDIT: I just realized I did buy the wrong one, I bought the Pan Asia Dasha by mistake, I guess I'll try there ships out.
  8. This might be a stupid question but I've been playing for a few months and I needed a 10 point Commander for my Japanese Battleship so I bought the Dasha Event Commander in the Premium shop. Now when I go to my commanderless ship I can't find her in the list of available commanders. How do I access my new commander? Thanks