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  1. FirstDayAdmiral

    Let's meet in the middle

    I do apologize. One complaint was valid that I will do better about. I will condense my daily updates so I'm not making 2-3 posts a day. Carrying on, I am still interested in constructive feedback for what I'm mentioning. I think it's a neat idea to give back to those that provide solid feedback.
  2. FirstDayAdmiral

    Let's meet in the middle

    You both are literally my biggest complainers but my best advertising. And if WG saw what you posted on my YT we probably wouldn't be having this conversation. So I would move on.
  3. FirstDayAdmiral

    Let's meet in the middle

    Here's my advice for you. Stop being so cranky. If you don't like what I do than move on. I have done projects like this for the better part of 10-15 years. Due to my experience is why I have come to the spotlight faster. You need to get used to seeing my name. You will see it on every social. I don't need to change anything about me or what I'm doing. You need to change whether you click my material or not. You and a few others think you can control what others think and do. Sorry, you're some random cranky stranger that I certainly don't need to be concerned with.
  4. FirstDayAdmiral

    Lets take a look at CV's together.

    That's okay, quit coming to post in my threads. You don't have to click the link.
  5. FirstDayAdmiral

    Lets take a look at CV's together.

    Interesting view no doubt. The last one for sure. I wonder where I could find that figure to be precise.
  6. FirstDayAdmiral

    Lets take a look at CV's together.

    Taking notes of your incites, thanks!
  7. FirstDayAdmiral

    Let's meet in the middle

    Does it hurt you in any way? Every bit of material is WoWs related and is held here. The discussion is here. The critiques are here. Not to mention the only advertising I'm doing is for WG. I'm providing content and advertising their CC's for free. Not making a buck off anything and providing another stop for WoWs ads. I think we are good here. Lastly, nobody forces you to click any post or thread I make. Literally that simple.
  8. FirstDayAdmiral

    Let's meet in the middle

    So my next segment I'm doing for my website is actually doing blog-style interviews which will be posted directly to the website and shared via all socials. This will be on the website as long as its in existence. Which I paid for at least a full year ;) lol I figured it would look similar to this, NAME- Battles fought - Clan - Played since - Favorite class - total number of ships collected - Description of your best match or youtube link. Twitch/Twitter/Facebook social links will be posted if applicable etc etc I will build a more professional look of course but in the future when I get the ball rolling on this, I was thinking of also doing giveaways. I told you guys I'm not a bad dude. I heard your thoughts and I am meeting you here in the middle with my hand out. Let's work together. You want to reshape my thought process, then critique my play, provide true guidance as a leader and not a shamer, I will grow, you will get the cudos and we all win. WG gets happy members and tons of content and each member will get to share their opinions of course. Remember, I do this for free. When I post your links there's never a charge. So if you're a new streamer or even seasoned, it's worth the investment to ride my passion on this firstdayadmiral project. Everybody wins.
  9. FirstDayAdmiral

    Lets take a look at CV's together.

    You guys are giving some great incites. This is solid info! I appreciate it so much!
  10. FirstDayAdmiral

    Lets take a look at CV's together.

    Love the name!
  11. FirstDayAdmiral

    Lets take a look at CV's together.

    Great feedback, thanks!
  12. FirstDayAdmiral

    What a brutal round!!!

    So here's a pretty fun but grueling match. I missed out on a couple of achieves but still did really well. I want to know what I'm missing out on. Even on my eyes during the match. Am I focusing on the right things? I lean heavily on you all for guidance when it comes to your experience. This isn't trolling, fake, or a trap. Legit guys, I am in my big boy chair and ready for whatever is said. This is literally what its all about!! Rounds like these! - YouTube
  13. FirstDayAdmiral

    Lets take a look at CV's together.

    As I have stated to others im legitimately asking for those that don't play CV, to hear responses to CV player's responses to me. I am honestly wanting your feedback. This is going towards articles on my site.
  14. FirstDayAdmiral

    Lets take a look at CV's together.

    Im asking for your feedback on what was brought to me. I would like to hear from the other side.
  15. FirstDayAdmiral

    Lets take a look at CV's together.

    Excellent feedback, I appreciate it! This is very helpful.