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  1. Does Megatron Camo count as any permanent camo? …asking for a cybertronian friend.
  2. Holy smokes that’s worth the 4300 and then some!! RNGesus giveth.
  3. Dudefella

    REMINDER: Feedback Threads!

    I don’t know. Who did you quote when you said “give us everything we ask for”? If the answer is “no one”, then I guess you only touched a raw nerve in that you consistently create drama out of thin air, and then argue against it as though you’re on staff at WG. Its a weird thing you do and I caught it right away when I joined the forums early this year. I don’t know why you take such a haughty view of the population here and the way you express it is often offensive, but mainly it’s sad that you have such a weirdly acidic-alter-ego that you foist on us.
  4. Dudefella

    REMINDER: Feedback Threads!

    You’re good at conflating things, and taking pot-shots at community straw-men writ large.
  5. Dudefella

    Black Camo's

    Could it have been the Shadow Lurker camo?
  6. Dudefella

    REMINDER: Feedback Threads!

    Poignant reminder. Thank you!
  7. The corporate plan for any game is to make money. Once the game stops making money you’ll see it sold Simple.
  8. Dudefella

    Yo, mean people playing Ops tonight...

    Wow. I mean… +1 Yikes. So very true.
  9. I don’t know…. I actually rather enjoy the Italian BB line. I’ve had a few beastly games in Columbo, and one instance had me kiting 3 ships back to my team when a side collapsed, only to have whittled them down to a joke with my SAP. Fun times. I can see where they’d be frustrating, but I don’t mind them.
  10. Dudefella

    Yo, mean people playing Ops tonight...

    So, and I’m still trying to understand the complaint, is it the first part or the last that’s made people upset? As an example, when I do a Narai in a cruiser I ask if anyone else would like to cover the transports, otherwise I’d be happy to handle them. It’s usually met with silence or “Go for it.”, but sometimes “I got them!” The complaint is that things like this don’t happen and people just go Willy nilly?
  11. Dudefella

    Yo, mean people playing Ops tonight...

    But I queue in the ship I want to drive, and go to town :) it’d be fun to catch you in your Weimar and me on mine. :)
  12. Dudefella

    Yo, mean people playing Ops tonight...

    I can see where someone would say this (not you necessarily) but what’s the solution?? ”Hey I’m thinking of shooting the cruiser at C4, is anyone considering shooting this bot?” ”Okay, I haven’t heard from anyone, I will proceed to shoot at the bot at C4 in 15 seconds unless someone objects…” ”Last call for the bot at C4. I repeat, last call for the bot at C4. I mean it, I’m going to shoot at THAT bot if no one wants it.”
  13. Dudefella

    Yo, mean people playing Ops tonight...

    I don’t know what that means. Every player that queues for the operation can choose their boat, equipment, captain, and captain skills. Are you saying that people shouldn’t try to win, and should make sure everyone else is having a good time, all throughout the scenario? Exactly what kind of an impossible benchmark are you setting here?
  14. Dudefella

    Yo, mean people playing Ops tonight...

    Probably 10 since Wednesday. I’m dumping my 21-pointers in there to get ECXP for my level 20 Yamamoto. I guess I didn’t realize people wanted the bots to have a “sporting chance”.
  15. Dudefella

    How soon everyone forgets.

    I think I’m still Yukon-less, and have hesitated to pull the trigger on premiums since she stopped reviewing them. While I certainly don’t worship at her feet, I think it’s fine to hold the position that what they did to her and Chobi was rude and underhanded, and still buy stuff if you want them. The OP reeks of straw man and is basically just a post to incite emotion. Honestly the mods should have locked it.