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  1. Sileno

    Premium Ship Review - San Diego

    Thanks for all the work you do LWM. Really enjoy your reviews.
  2. Sileno

    Guide to Collecting Holiday Gifts!

    Looks like it doesn't unlock until Wed the 4th.
  3. Sileno

    Secret Santa 2022-3

    Merry Christmas ExploratorOne and all of the community.
  4. Sileno

    Holiday Code

    Saw this code on Reddit. 40 steel and some camos. OMEN22HOLIDAYGIFT
  5. I know everyone's mileage may vary when it comes to crates, but I purchased all the steps to get the Shinonome B and from the premium black Friday containers that were in that sting bundle I drew the Alaska B and the Ashino B in addition to all the other things that drop. So for under 9K Dubs I got 3 Black ships, with the Alaska B really being a huge bonus. The RNG doesn't always work out but when it does, it sure feels good.
  6. Sileno

    New Bonus Code For 100 Coal

    Worked. Thanks!
  7. Sileno

    Ise plane launch bug

    I noticed that this morning on my Chkalov torpedo bombers which is a new thing I think. I admittedly haven't been playing carriers much as I used to though lately (been trying to build a little karma, lol) so not sure when it started.
  8. Sileno

    Ise plane launch bug

    The Kearsarge actually has a flight deck so that would be impressive if they took that with them on their flight. :)
  9. Sileno

    Dido Class History

  10. Sileno

    Email Bonus Codes

    Here is my share code. Happy New Year WoWs community! 22NYX-MK2ED-WRMX4
  11. Happened to me tonight as well. Disco to the Log In screen, lost flags and signals and it counted it as a loss, all in a period of less than 2 mins. Didn't make me pink, but I got the "disciplinary period has been lifted" in the log.