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  1. scott_3721

    New HP Omen Gaming Code - March 2023

    Worked for me, many thanks
  2. I think the operative word in their message is "planned". If they said "hey we encountered a problem and need to take the server down", that's fine with me. If you truly planned to take the server down at that time, have to common decency to let me know ahead of time so I can also plan for it. As it is, seems inconsiderate and dismissive of the playerbase.
  3. Planned my A$$, Why can't they just tell the truth. This is the second time in 3 weeks. Getting a little tiresome. I get up early to play a few games before going to work (you know, in the real world). If they need to take down the server, I wish they would ACTUALLY fix something. Probably taking it down to add yet another money-making "special" event requiring us to get 100,000 BXP for some themed camo & a low-end econ booster. Not that I'm disappointed or jaded. Again!
  4. scott_3721

    new code

    Worked for me, thanx!
  5. Getting ridiculous now. Been kicked out five times. Losing premium time and trying to finish missions. Is this server maintenance issues, the result of opening the servers across regions or something more dire?
  6. I still can't get in, says my username is already taken!! Yeah, by me!
  7. Nope, couldn't afford to run it. Credit sink waste of time playing "super" ships
  8. When did they announce this? Was it buried in some random nonsense twitch video or some crap like that? Believe it or not, I don't spend all day every day poring over every missive that drips from their lips. It is VERY irritating to wake up to this kind of disappointment. I get up early to squeeze in a few games before I go to work to earn money to buy doubloons. If you upset that cycle too much I'll find something else to do with my precious time. Too many other good games out there that don't crap all over their player base and then blame the players for being stupid or fault some "miscommunication or bad translation".
  9. scott_3721

    Bonus Code BHDW23AFE

    Worked for me, many thanx!
  10. scott_3721

    So, Dido or Canarias?

    I have both. Each has it's own strengths & weaknesses but Dido is the better all-around boat in my opinion.
  11. scott_3721

    To spend or not to spend...

    Personally, I bought dubs with my birthday coupon back in October. Spent half on Black ships during that event and wound up with all of them. Since I had the regular version of each I also got 2,500 dubs for the combat mission for each. Fast forward to the current event. Had enough tier X's to get 8 mega santa crates. Received 2-3 more for free during the event. Used my remaining dubs from birthday, bought 40 outright and got quite a haul: Fujin, Kamikaze R, Ashitaka, Florida, Kronshtadt, K. Schonberg, Munchen, Prinz Eugen, Anhalt, Bearn, Strasbourg, Giulio Cesare, FR25, Roma, & Dalian I'm pretty pleased with that result, given the other goodies that accompanied them in the form of econ bonuses, credits, FXP, CXP, etc. Bottom line: if you enjoy the game you should buy what you can afford. It is gambling and you may not get as many ships. Just don't gamble what you cannot afford to lose or will regret spending.
  12. scott_3721

    FB code for Santa House

    Very good, thanks and Happy New Year!
  13. scott_3721

    Facebook Code for Next Window

    Very good, thanks a bunch. Happy Boxing Day!
  14. Yes, has been happening to me a lot. Don't know if their servers are overloaded with players or what the problem could be. Not my system or internet. Both are working normally. Battles have been very slow during loading and I often don't enter the battle until it has already begun. Playing catch-up for that battle. Even worse, it will sometimes hang up after I hit the battle button, then kick me out/disconnect altogether. Then, when I'm able to get reconnected, I'm pink for leaving the game early or not participating.
  15. scott_3721

    Pink Tide

    Lots of pink ships lately. Wonder if the majority are like mine: got booted from the overloaded server before a battle began. When I was finally able to reconnect the battle was done & I was pink. Not sure how that's my fault. Not my internet, computer or lack of gameplay on my part. Kicked off the server because it's overloaded (or because they were adding a DLC note, since that is the first thing that popped up when I was able to get back on!). Anybody else experiencing this?